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Event equipment for hire: What should you be looking out for?

If you’ve organised an event before, you are likely already aware it takes a lot of puzzle piecing together to successfully pull off the celebration! One major element is the equipment – whether it be a chiller, generator or outdoor event lighting. But, this area often gets neglected as the venue and catering take centre stage. However, if you fail to dedicate time to searching for event equipment for hire, you may end up working with a company that is unable to deliver in terms of results. 

You may think all companies are the same, but this is certainly not the case! So, in today’s Grizzly Bear Events’ article, we’re detailing exactly what you should be on the lookout for when you choose a fridge trailer event equipment company to ensure your event is top-notch this year – and beyond.

event equipment for hire
event equipment

Event equipment for hire…what to look for;

#1 Price?

Money, money, money – ABBA put it best! Price is a major factor when considering event equipment for hire. Of course, this shouldn’t be the be all and end all, but it certainly comes into play. Instead of focusing on the cheapest company, you should pay attention to whether or not this is a fair price. 

Quality comes at a cost, however, this doesn’t need to blow the budget! When searching for event equipment, search for a few different companies and gather several quotations to understand where the base price lies. 

Here at Grizzly Bear Event, we keep the pricing simple and straightforward – take the stress out your event and leave it to the experts. We include everything you’ll require for the rental period, including fuel, cabling, deliver and installation. It’s just one all inclusive price!

#2 Age of equipment?

The age of equipment is another factor to consider when looking at event equipment for hire. Whilst the very latest technology doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll receive excellent customer service, it does highlight the commitment to quality of the event hire company. You can confidently head into your event knowing your equipment won’t fail when you need it most. In fact, here at Grizzly Bear, we provide emergency breakdown rentals for just the case! We’re experienced in providing equipment that delivers the right results every time – it’s what sets us apart from our competitors! 

Plus, our event equipment for hire is always kept in tip-top condition; we know how important it is you can rely on equipment. Serving the South-East, our 5* reviews speak for themselves! Make your event simple with our straightforward, trustworthy hiring process.

event equipment girzzly bear

#3 Security levels?

If you are hiring event equipment, particularly for an outdoor event, you’ll want to ensure a good level of security is provided. As a supplier, a padlocked back door is an essential – whether it be for catering or a butchers. Plus, to optimise your security levels, Grizzly Bear Event’s insist on having a wheel and hitch lock fitted at all times. Many event suppliers use just the one, whilst we use both to ensure you have maximum trust that your supplies will remain safe.

#4 Additional fees

Not all event hire companies will clearly detail their prices, and you may quickly find that several additional fees are added to your final bill. This could range from a security deposit, cleaning fee, delivery charge, extra for a power cord or shelving. It can really stack up and come as quite the surprise if you aren’t made aware prior to signing a contract. We include all services in our quote to ensure you stay on budget. 

#5 Unbranded

Branding is a business’s uniform and should be proudly displayed on equipment. Whilst you may not think this a major consideration, it should instil confidence in the company’s ability, reassuring you that they’ll deliver. But why is this exactly? When displayed, a company naturally wants to showcase what they do, hiding this away could be an indication of poor service. 

#6 Location, Location, Location

Grizzly Bear Events are a Sussex based family business. From our Horsham base we’re more than happy to travel across West & East Sussex, Surrey, Kent and into Hampshire. We include delivery within a 30 mile radius in our fridge trailer hire. Whether you’re hosting an event in a field, family member’s garden or supplying catering to a stately home, we’re nearby and on hand to rent you a fridge trailer.

What do we offer?

We offer a range of different services for a range of clients, from emergency hire to outdoor wedding fridge trailer rental. Don’t forget our generators to ensure your event runs smoothly too, they’re super quiet. As your one-stop shop for event equipment, we offer high-quality rentals with a promise to deliver. Don’t believe us? Just read a few of our 5-star reviews below from some of our customers!
These are just a few of the different quality-measures and it’s important you work with a trusted event supplier to guarantee the success of your event. You certainly don’t want to face any avoidable last-minute panics on site. Take the stress our of your day and work with the professionals.

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