Which Size Chiller Should I Go For?

  • Small

    For more intimate, smaller gatherings. Recommend for up to 50 guests.
    Ideal for garden parties, home celebrations & stock storage for street food vendors.

  • Large

    Offering ample of space for food & drink, plus flowers, cake, favours etc. Ideal for an event with around 100 - 200 attendees. Our most popular rental choice for the events industry.

Alternative Option: Coldroom Hire

Grizzly Bear Events also rent coldrooms. Offering increased chilled storage, long term hire options and ground level access. 

We build them on site for you, indoors or out, they’ll offer walk in refrigeration spaces where you need it most.

Refrigerated Trailer / Chiller Specifications

  • Make and Model

    Humbaur, Coldtraila or Scandia

  • Time to Chill

    1 hour

  • Connections

    13amp or 16amp plug

  • Sound level

    Background fan noise

What are the benefits of renting a chiller?

  • Easy & convenient

    Whatever you need to hire a chiller for, our services are super-convenient! We'll deliver, install, and collect the equipment with minimum fuss!

  • A speedy solution

    Our team of friendly & professional installers will have your chiller up and running in as little as an hour, ready for you to use!

  • Short notice hire

    If you need chiller hire in an emergency or at short notice, we'll work with you to deliver the best solution as fast as possible!

  • No commiment

    Need a chiller for a few hours, days, or more? Whatever your needs, there's no commitment! And, we offer longer-term hire at a reduced rate.

  • Simple to use

    You only need a flat surface and a mains or generator power source to set your chiller up, ready to go.

Other equipment available for hire: