Real Flame & Bio Ethanol
Fire Pits For Hire

Our fire pits are multi-purpose and can be used with both a real fire or bio-ethanol flame

Whether you've like the fire set in one of our raised wooden surrounds for s'mores and marshmallow, or low level for an outdoor firepit areas, we have an fire pit rental option for you.

Real, low smoke, fires

Bio-ethanol real flame fires

Bioethanol Fireplace Specs

What is bio-ethanol?

A flamable, colourless liquid which produces a orange flame once it’s been burning for 5-10 minutes.
Efficient on fuel use, our burners will last for 10-12 hours on one tank of fuel, meaning no need to top up through-out your event.

They’re also environmentally friendly and don’t utilise fossil fuels. Bio-ethanol is a by-product of sugarcane and grains.

Emmitting no smoke & no harmful particles, just water and CO2, they’re the perfect way to have an indoor fire.

Ethanol vs Real Flame

What are the benefits of our fire pits for hire?

  • Simple & convenient

    We'll deliver, set-up, demonstrate and leave everything you need to operate and safely ignite the flame.

  • Safe to operate

    Our bio-ethanol fires have no logs, matches or dangerous flames. These fire pits are family friendly and ideal in any setting. We'll also leave a fire extinguisher for reassurance.

  • Easy to light

    On our bio-fuel flaes - just remove the cover on the fuel store and ignite with our long handled lighter. Real fires come with fire lighters and kindling to get your fire started, if the weather is suitable they'll be set up ready to light.

  • Low heat output

    Indoor real fires may look great, but in summer do you really want more heat in the marquee? Our bio-ethanol fires are a happy medium, with a great aesthetic look but very little heat output.

Other equipment available for hire:

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