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What equipment do I need for my outdoor event and why?

At Grizzly Bear Events, we know from experience that there are 4 key things that are usually forgotten until the last minute for an outdoor event:


A generator is a must have for any outdoor event. However, hiring a generator isn’t as complicated as you might think. Simply send us your power requirements and we’ll recommend the best size generator. We include fuel, cabling and delivery; plus everything is secure and insured.


Whether you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, party, large corporate event or festival having enough space to keep your drinks/food cold is extremely important. Book one of our walk-in refrigerated trailers. Delivered a few days before the event, you’ll have time to load it up and have peace. Giving you peace of mind that everything is set for live days. Tucked away out of sight, it’ll give you ample space to keep your food and drink cool, even in the peak of summer.


For events taking place in the months outside May to August, our marquee heaters will eliminate the evening chill when the sun sets. Just turn the thermostat up a notch and you’ll soon feel the warmth spreading across the marquee. With Grizzly Bear Events heaters the fuel, cabling and ducting from the heater (which sits outside the marquee) is all included.


With the celebration in full swing and darkness setting in, make sure that guests can see their way back to the waiting taxi or cosy glamping bell tent by lighting the way with a festoon walkway. A lovely finishing touch to create some ambience after the sunsets.

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Our range of equipment for hire:

Grizzly Bear Events Generator hire


Generators are essential to keep the power running to your outdoor party. All of our generators are ultra-silent so you won't hear that buzz

Grizzly Bear events chillers for hire


Have the space to keep everything cold on site. We have refrigerated trailers that we deliver and install for you at your location.


Keep your guests warm through the night (or day) with our heaters. Alternatively, keep everyone cool by using them as fans

Grizzly Bear Events Lighting for hire


Light up the dark! Nothing says a party quite like twinkly lights, we rent out festoon lighting to make your party a festival