Beau and Bell Woodland Teepee Wedding
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Ben Hunter

Going back to my roots

Where I’ve come from

Ever since I started out building stages, I’ve loved being hands-on in the events industry. Whether it was during my time overseeing part of the build for a London 2012 site. Or during the 3 years at Best Parties Ever & Tapenade Catering, divisions of the Eventist Group; anyone in events will tell you that I’ve experienced my fair share of ‘getting stuck in’.

A few years ago, I was the Operations Manager for what was* one of, if not the, largest Giant Hat Kata Tipi companies in Sussex & Surrey. Fully responsible for overseeing the logistics and equipment behind over 75 builds a year.

*Sadly, I say was as they couldn’t sustain the cashflow during the Coronavirus epidemic.

I would regularly be on site assisting with building tipis in the peak weeks. 

Grizzly Bear Events Are Back on Site

Since starting Grizzly Bear Events, I’ve built relationships with many teepee companies who now recommend us to their wedding or party clients for generators, heaters and refrigerated trailers.

Being aware of my past experience, Sussex based Tipi company Beau & Bell (who supply Scandinavian style tipis & bell tents in the region) asked if I’d like to join them on some builds this summer, during our unsurprisingly quiet wedding season.

It was an absolute pleasure to be back towing a 8m trailer, working with some of my recommended crew on site too and even getting up that ladder again. It really took me back a few years to what at the time, were the good times! I can’t go into too much detail on the venues and clients but do take a look at the photos.

Ben, Director @ Grizzly Bear Events

Keep an eye out in the forthcoming weeks for our top tips on making the most out of a 30 person wedding. 


London 2012 | Insta: @london2012olympics

Best Parties Ever | | Insta: @christmasparties

Tapenade Catering |  Insta: @tapenadecatering

Eventist Group | | Insta: @eventistgroup

Beautiful World Tents – sadly, no longer trading

Beau & Bell Tents |  Insta: @beauandbelltents

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