Walk In Coldrooms: Versatile Rented Storage

What Are Walk In Modular Coldrooms?

Large events or commercial refrigeration needs typically require larger & additional coldroom rental. Whilst our fridge trailer range are ideal for short term (upto 6sqm of  fridge capacities), our modular walk in coldrooms offer increased capacity. Grizzly Bear Events’ coldroom refrigeration solutions are simple, straight-forward and ergonomic for long term hire use. 

Starting out in the chiller trailer industry (and still renting chiller fridge trailers) we also received regular enquiries for larger commerical fridge rental. Clients were looking for easy accessibility, longer hires and larger fridge space. 

Our modular cold rooms provide the same great space, effortless setup and fast cooling as our chiller trailers – however, offer a additional advantages along the way. In addition these are paired with our high level of service which we always strive for. These rented walk-in cold storage provides a high-quality insulated shell that can be configured in any number of combinations to suit your needs. 

Indoors or outside? Our build team will put together each modular cold room efficiently so it fits perfectly fitting within your space and providing you with the most practical layout. 

Perhaps, a walk in cold room rental isn’t the best option for your business. Are you only needing some additional refrigerated shelving? One day rental or a short term catering rental? Check out the fridge rental range here. They are hugely versatile and can be hired as a fridge or freezer. 

Main Features Of A Grizzly Bear Events Coldroom

Key Information

Coldrooms can have a variety of names:

What are the benefits of using a modular coldroom for hire?

Your next event will certainly benefit from one of these amazing products for hire. One of benefit of using Grizzly Bear Events for coldroom rental is that we will carry out the set-up and post rent clean for you. So, all you have to worry about is having a nicely stocked fridge! 

None of the hassle but all of the reward. It’s not only the ease of use that we love though…

  • Weatherproof

    From the cold and dingy days of winter to the sun-filled summer months, our modular cold rooms can be installed outside for protected, high-quality cooling. You won't need to worry about damp packaging or soggy food items. The walk-in storage will be fully sealed and water-tight to withstand the sometimes brutal English weather!

  • No Commitment

    Buying a modular cold room can be expensive, have a long lead time and inconvenient. Using us for hire services are the more affordable option, especially with long-term hire discounts! Whether you need a cold room for one day, one month, or longer, we can help!

  • They're Versatile

    There are so many reasons why you might need a walk-in cold room for hire. From soft drinks to beer, fresh fruit and vegetables to prepared meals, and even keeping flowers fresh. Coldrooms are a really versatile chilled storage solution for events and catering use. Let us know whether you want to freeze or chill and we'll make sure they are at temperature. Not only that, but they can be set up to any number of configurations - inside or out too!

  • Ground Level

    Save yourself the step access and opt for one of our ground-level storage cold rooms. Instead of having to lift everything awkwardly to replenish stock - you can simply walk in and out comfortably whenever you need to. With more space to play with - you can ensure each item is carefully organised and accessible throughout the event. Our metal floor also allows for trolleys and cages to be wheeled inside too.

  • Suitable For Tight Access Locations

    They might be pretty sizable once set up. But the flat-pack design makes them perfect for tight country roads and small entryways. This means that you can be sure you're getting the chiller storage you need wherever your dream location may be. We might struggle to get them over a stile though - but we'd give it a good go!

Top ten reasons to use us for a modular cold room hire:

Walk In Coldroom or Refrigerated Trailer?

Perfect for large fridge space rental, on demand. Hires are possible from one day duration to several years, with no initial equipment ownership cost for the hirer. 

Installation takes around an hour and the unit can be down to temperature shortly after. Built on site, with insulated walls, floor and ceiling, all locked together to create a secure cold room space. 

The main access door is lockable and wide enough to allow for milk trolleys and metal cages to be pushed through. Often built inside warehouses, near internal loading doors and inside marquees they’re a very versitile option.

Think of a fridge trailer as a rental coldroom on wheels. The coldroom box is fixed to the frame of the trailer. This makes them super convenient for transport and they can be unhitched and down to temperature within 20 minutes. 

Chiller trailers are an ideal, low cost solution to one day, week or month long hire of small-medium size cold stores. 

Our refrigerated trailer rental option vary in length – small (2m), medium (2.5m), large (3m) and extra large (4m). All come with optional shelving for free, step access and a lockable rear door.

Other equipment available for hire: