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1.21 Gigawatts – How much power do you need?

‘Can I get a quote for a generator please?’

Of course, we don’t expect all our clients to know generator jargon, but simple ‘quoting for a generator’ is quite difficult to do. 

So, here is a list of things we’d like to know if your event includes – that way we can tailor the quote specifically to your event:

Below are all items to consider when you’re working out power requirements

In addition to the other items catering is a huge aspect to consider power for. Power really will vary depending on whether you’re having a three course plate menu, hog roast or street food style stall. Many will require power for the below items though:

Once you’re booked in with Grizzly Bear Events, we will be in touch closer to your event to request a little more detail, such as the number and locations of plug sockets for each supplier.

Get in touch with us today for your own bespoke generator quote.

Top tips for once you've booked

  • Send us a venue sketch

    A venue sketch of where you would like all of the power sockets to be located. It can be very rough and hand-drawn. If you don't know what you need, ask your suppliers before the wedding season starts. This is because, they have more office time and will come back with a more accurate answer.

  • Check what generator your street food vendors actually have

    Street food vendors usually say they have their own generator. But watch out, often they’re noisy and made for the building trade. You should ask if they can connect to the ultra silent generators’ power supply to keep noise down.

  • Tell us if you need more power than planned

    Just adding additional plug sockets or extension leads can trip the whole power supply. You don’t want this happening in the middle of dinner when the band is plugging in.

  • Get suppliers in as early as possible

    Many want to come along and set up a day or two before (caterers, generator supplier, marquee, toilets), others will come in the morning, then leave for a few hours before returning at their correct time.

  • Consider hiring on the day event coordination

    If you have lots of suppliers arriving on the day they’ll be looking for someone to meet and ask questions to. This is why Grizzly Bear Events offers discrete on-the-day event coordination to take this hassle away from your friends and family, we meet a few months before and go through your schedule to make sure everything has been covered.

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