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Christmas Party Trends For 2021: Make Your Event One To Remember

Halfway through the year already! It’s difficult to start thinking about Christmas whilst still in midsummer but the countdown is on and you’ll soon need to get your thinking cap on for this year’s celebration. Following Christmas party trends isn’t necessary to make your event stand out from the crowd, however, it’s a great way to mark the event in your guests memory – particularly after the turbulent year we’ve all had!

So, what can you do? Whether it be a new lighting design, heating solution for an outdoor event or catering style change – there will be a variety of new trends popping up in the event industry this year. Our team are always looking for the latest trend to ensure we offer our clients innovative event coordination that will far surpass their initial expectations and provide the real ‘wow’ factor they’re after!

Here at Grizzly Bear Events, we have a range of different equipment options sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Utilising our experience and knowledge, we can help you create stunning and creative events, perfect for making your winter celebration all the more magical! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some of the very latest Christmas outdoor events trends in preparation for your COVID christmas party this year. 

So, what are the Christmas party trends for 2021?

#1 Light it up with festoon lighting hire

Festoon has always been a popular choice for outdoor lighting due to it’s versatility. Whether it be an outside terrace, marquee or walkway, this style of lighting can elevate your overall event with it’s enchanting glow. But, how can you use this popular lighting option differently this year to really make an impact? 

  • Use en masse: Sometimes more is more! Often we see event planners opt for just a few strings of our festoon lighting but choosing to make a feature of these bulbs can create a mesmerising effect – almost like snow. 
  • Try multi-coloured: Typically, festoon is lit with a warm-white glow but why not try something a little different by adding multi-coloured flood lighting. Up the party but retain the sophisticated feel with this simple switch. 
Christmas party trends
  • Weave into greenery: We’ve all become a little more in tune with nature over the past year as we’ve spent so much time outside! Whilst often we see strings of festoon hung around in lines, weaving these into greenery can create a magical escape that your guests will unlikely have seen elsewhere.
  • Pair with fairy lights and flood-lighting: We’ve already touched on using multi-coloured flood lights but why not try combining a multitude of different types of lighting to create an impact. Add a twist to this popular choice and create the illusion of snow falling down onto your guests. Add flood lighting to create a centre point for the evening with fairy lights hidden away in secret coves and cosy corners.
  • Illuminate somewhere unexpected: Naturally, you may want to string festoon lighting over features. But, have you considered lighting somewhere a little unexpected? Perhaps there is an area you aren’t sure how to utilise, why not add festoon and make your own feature by draping these to create a display!

#2 Create a sense of hygge with heaters and fire pits

Of course, you want your guests to be warm when at Christmas outdoor events! And, often outdoor heaters are the solution to this issue. Yet, controlling the temperature is typically a second-thought when it can actually be a wonderful feature to add to the overall atmosphere of the event. 

Why not try something a little different this year and use a bio-ethanol flame fire? Paired with our outdoor heaters to bring a sense of hygge to your outdoor event, these rustic fires bring the nostalgic feel of a campfire without any of the hassle – or smoke!

#3 Overcome catering challenges with chillers

Catering is going to change a lot to comply with COVID Christmas party regulations. It’s likely we’ll see fewer buffets and a lot more outdoor ‘street food’ catering. This may mean access to kitchens is limited and therefore, dishes require preparing in advance. But, of course this presents new challenges such as how to keep food fresh and presentable for extended periods of time. 

Chillers are an excellent solution and will be a big trend for caterers in 2021 – whilst you might not think of this specifically as a trend, they’ll be in high demand! Here at Grizzly Bear Events, we’re experienced in dealing with a number of different solutions from extra storage to keeping drinks and canapes chilled before serving – we can help.  

What are the benefits of a bio-ethanol flame fire?

#4 Showcasing your garden

A lot of us have spent hours tending to our outdoor spaces in the last year. So, why not showcase this effort to your guests? Christmas outdoor events don’t have to be large-scale, you can hold intimate parties in the comfort of your own home and use clever touches to highlight exterior improvements and add a sense of occasion to somewhere you see everyday!

Of course, you don’t want to underestimate your power requirements to do so! Whether it be marquee lighting, a BBQ, toilets or entertainment you will likely need a power supply to ensure these don’t fall short. Here at Grizzly Bear Events, we offer generators varying in size – suitable for small, intimate gatherings all the way up to 100+ people celebrations! So, what every your requirements, we can help. Our prices are highly competitive and to streamline our service, we include all the essentials to ensure you power is up and running successfully. All our generators, therefore, come with fuel, cabling and we’ll arrange delivery and collection too!

COVID party ideas, our 3 suggestions for those with a tight budget…

The market style event

Everyone loves a Christmas market! So, why not create the event a little closer to home and book a street food truck – or two or three –  to come to a location of your choosing. Think mac’n’cheese, bratwurst, crepes and waffles. And, don’t forget the mulled wine! At Grizzly Bear Events, we can provide the necessary power supply for a fantastic feast!

The extended lunch and live entertainment

A party doesn’t have to always be an evening affair. Particularly for your work Christmas party, why not try an extended lunch with some live entertainment, delicious dishes and a mocktail bar! Need a chiller for the pre-prepared food and drinks? We’ve got you covered! And, stay toasty with one of our outdoor heaters.

The venue you already have

Venues are usually one of the pricier elements of an event, so why not cut the cost and use your own! Consider utilising your office car park; marquees can be erected on any hard service. And, to glitz up the event, why not use some festoon lighting – it’s super cost effective and adds a sparkle to any venue, transforming the usual space into a snowy scene!

Why choose Grizzly Bear Events to assist with your Christmas party trends?

Trends come and go, but whether you choose to trial one of these new popular surges or not, you’ll need an event equipment specialist. Work Christmas parties and outdoor winter events require a lot of planning to go smoothly on the day, we provide you peace of mind to allow you to get back to the celebrations! And, why not try all of these trends? Our lighting solutions are often hired in conjunction with our generators, chillers and heaters. But, we don’t have any confusing package deals that leave you wondering what it is you’ve really paid for! We provide a simple, clear, and tailored pricing structure that offers great value and top-quality service. And, we offer bespoke pricing for all of our customers. 

With events put on hold for such an extended period, we recommend booking your outdoor Christmas party as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. These popular trends can book up quickly!

When hiring lighting in conjunction with other equipment such as a generator or chiller, we offer FREE delivery. For lighting alone, there is a small delivery charge. To get your free bespoke quote, simply click the button below. Or, click here to get in touch and discover more about our wedding lighting hire options.

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