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Covid: The Reality for an Events Company

Covid events and restrictions are something we’re learning to now live it. The pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. 

The UK government are cautiously easing us towards what has now been dubbed ‘Freedom Day’. As an outdoor events equipment rental business we really are at the mercy of the government’s guidance and have had to act fast to react to news and updates.

Here at Grizzly Bear Event’s we trying to remain be positive. It’s hard at times. Some days are tougher, others are a joy. We’ve been through 2020, so surely 2021 can’t be as bad, right?! 

In this blog we’ll informally discuss how coronavirus has affected us, as a business, and what we’ve been getting up to for the couple of months on covid events.

The Reality: From An Event Rental Business Perspective

  • Ch, Ch, Ch, Changessss

    Bookings are changing all the time. Postponements. Cancellations. New bookings. Quotes on additions, removing items....You name it, we've seen it.

  • Emails galore

    There are more emails going back and forth than ever before. It's good, we get there in the end, but the inbox is always busy with emails coming in at all times of the day.

  • Event Suppliers Talk

    One of the best things to come out of this whole situation - the communicate between fellow suppliers has increased. Be that with the marquee companies or other companies offering a similar set of rental products to Grizzly Bear Events.

    Often it'll take a few days for clients to let us know they're looking to change dates, but often we already knew as the suppliers higher up the 'pecking order' have given us a heads up...

  • From full booked to empty, back to full...

    One day we're fully booked for a certain weekend, then after one government annoucement we're empty on said weekend.
    Often, give it a few days and we're full again, with new last minute bookings....It's hard juggling it all but we're hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

  • We don't know, until you know

    Often clients have asked us what's going to happen. We don't get told any earlier than you. When you hear the news we have to decide quickly how we're going to handle each of the bookings.

  • Diversification & new business areas

    We're working on events we'd never have worked on before. For example; covid test events, with butchers, for new bar companies, and fashion retailers, to name a few....

  • Invoice don't get paid on time

    It's understandable, you don't want to go paying everything upfront if Boris and Co are about to make big announcements in a few days time.

What have we been up to?

  • Adding New Equipment

    With Boris set to amend covid events restrictions on the 19th June, and the summer full after then we treated ourself to two additional chiller trailers - a new 3m and 4m chiller.

    The 3m fridge trailer is to match our existing stock levels and the 4m for the larger weddings with over 200 guests or for the festival bar market. [As we now know this date didn't happen...]

  • Servicing Rental Kit

    Grizzly Bear Events prides itself on well maintained kit . This year, as with last, we've had plenty of time to give the equipment lots of love and care between rentals. Not only do we carry out servicing in our warehouse - we visit our long term rental kit and change parts and clean motors as well as filters on site.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Renting generators out to corporate events; such as camping weekends up in Chigwell and for fashion shoots in the South Downs hillside for high street fashion brands.

  • Powering Smaller Events

    Running temporary power cables from a mains installation to the tipi for a clients band, catering and toilet trailer. Also supplying a bespoke smaller generator package for more personal events.

  • Supporting Smaller Local Events

    Renting chillers to smaller outdoor picnic events - we worked with Blush & Bramble on their inaugural champagne with strawberries and cream picnic, taking place amongst the apple tree orchards in West Sussex. Our 2m chiller is ideal for these types of events

  • Heading to the Races...

    Sadly not us personally, but assisting with on site refrigeration at the Epsom Derby for the staff sandwiches...

In summary, we are now adept at being flexible and working alongside covid events and their restrictions. Grizzly Bear Events aims to assisting clients as much as possible. If you do have any questions or would like more information about anything we’re going please get in touch.

All we can do hope we can get to the ‘new normal’ as quick as possible. Are weddings and outdoor events really going to be free of restrictions again? Only time will tell on that one…

Keep up to date:

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