How to warm outdoor events in winter
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How to warm outdoor events in winter: Our top tips

As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, we begin to think about how to warm outdoor events in winter. It certainly doesn’t mean that festivals and other parties need to be put on hold. Although venues are quickly being snapped up – sometimes you just can’t beat the great outdoors. Especially with bonfire night around the corner – you need to enjoy the fresh air, get the best views but also keep your guests nice and toasty! With a plethora of heating options available, any marquee, stretch tent, teepee or outside space will be warm and welcoming. 

While safety, space and cost are all key considerations, there are plenty of options out there to suit all kinds of festivities! With all-inclusive pricing and free delivery within 50 miles of Horsham, Surrey – renting our heaters is a really efficient and discrete way of adding those finishing touches for your guests. We even install it for you, so it is one less thing for you to worry about on the day! So let’s look at some different options on how to warm outdoor events in winter.

Marquee heaters

Indirect Diesel Heaters

At Grizzly Bear Events, we offer 55kw and 85kw options for indirect heaters. They are really convenient and definitely do the job! But what makes them such a great choice for your next festivity?

Why are they a top contender?

As we mentioned, our 55kw machines are perfect for large spaces. People often ask us whether a few electric heaters will do the trick. They can be great for small and enclosed bedrooms or office spaces – however, when you have over a hundred or so people looking to warm up in the winter they don’t really suffice. You’d be consuming huge amounts of energy for not a lot of warmth. To give you an idea: one of those heaters equates to around 3kw. Do our 55kw, discrete heaters seem like a no brainer now?

As well as being super powerful, we know many people worry about guests having to look at a big eyesore of a heater all night. We always keep them behind the scenes to make sure they are out of the way and do not interfere with your theme! But it isn’t only for aesthetic reasons. Keeping them outside of any tents or marquees means that the flue remains on the outside. 

When burning fuel like diesel it can be very dangerous for the fumes to remain inside. That is why our indirect machines are fantastic for achieving the perfect temperature, but also keeping all of the bad stuff out the way. Our team will set it up for you and show you how to adjust the thermostat so you can be in full control knowing everyone is safe and warm.

Top Tip #1
Spend a little extra on heating and get it right. Complete the experience for your guests.
Top Tip #2
Book in advance! Between September and October we've had at least one last-minute booking each weekend.
Top Tip #3
Go all-inclusive and take the hassle out of booking. There's no hidden fees at Grizzly Bear Events!
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Fire pits

At Grizzly Bear events, we know how important it is to know how to warm outdoor events in winter. But we also understand that sometimes you need to escape from the main buzz of the party for a chat. That is why we offer fire pits for outside areas. They offer the perfect solution for deep and meaningful conversations at the end of the night.

Are they right for you?

Along with the pit itself, we will supply low smoke logs to fuel the fire. While people love an open fire in the winter, it can be super annoying when you have to play musical chairs all night in an attempt to avoid the smoke. You can focus on pouring the drinks and catching up with old friends when you opt for one of our fire pits. 

They also provide a great atmosphere for those who enjoy a quieter night out. Whether you place them further away from the tents or just outside – it offers a place to take time out and enjoy the night sky. The real flames give off a beautiful glow that sets the scene for a memorable night. While they won’t offer as much warmth as our space heaters – they take the chill off and can burn all night long. 

Bio-Ethanol fire pits

This is another alternative we have for you. If you’re looking for a welcoming centrepiece to your marquee or teepee that is smell and smoke-free – this could be the solution. Set in a steel surround with a whitewash wooden base, you’ll have a hard time finding a theme that they don’t suit! And burning for up to 12 hours without needing to be refilled – once it is set up, you’ll be good for the whole event! 

As their heat output is fairly low compared to our other options, we suggest they are paired with another heater if you are looking for substantial temperature changes. However, they make for an amazing and eye-catching piece that creates a warming atmosphere. But if you’re not looking for something quite as drastic, what else could you do?

Atmospheric lighting

Once you’ve got people settled in and warmed up, another factor that can make a huge difference in how your guests feel is the lighting you chose. Cold, harsh lights like blue or bright white can make the venue feel colder just by the way it looks. For a more welcoming atmosphere in the winter, you may want to think about using warmer lights like our 1W cream or yellow bulbs. 

While they do not give off any significant heat themselves, it creates a luxurious and fairy-tale like vibe to any event. If you’re looking for the festival feel or to add another level to your theme, choose your lighting carefully. If you’re looking for something a bit funkier to pair with other heaters – we also have colour changing LED lights that will help get the party started!

How to warm outdoor events in winter with Grizzly Bear Events

We offer a plethora of heating methods, some of which we have described in this blog. However, the best part about it is our all-inclusive pricing. Whatever we quote is what you will pay. There are no hidden costs for installation or fuel, and we even offer free delivery within 50 miles of Horsham! Other rental companies may offer cheaper machinery, but you will find the other fees add up quickly and you’ll be paying much more overall. 

We have been overwhelmed with bookings and enquiries lately, so make sure you ring in advance to guarantee a slot for your next event. Take a look at some of the places we’ve been recently:

How to warm outdoor events in winter

Tipi Weddings at Lainston House Hotel, Winchester -

Our team installed two last-minute heaters to avoid the cold on a late September wedding. Luckily we had some heaters ready and raring to go and could make the journey just in time to keep the bride, groom and all of their friends and family cosy.

Summer Party near Horsham, West Sussex -

This lovely lot were hosting a private house party for 100 guests in their garden. They opted for our 85kw twin duct indirect diesel heaters. The team installed one into each teepee to take off the evening chill.

How to warm outdoor events in winter

Brighton Racecourse: Jockey Marquee Changing room heating -

We were called in to supply heating for the last two race meets of the year. It is important to keep the jockeys warm and ready to race all year round.

How to warm outdoor events in winter

21st Birthday Party

You only celebrate this big birthday once! So it was important to get it right. We provided some fire pits that completed the look and kept all of the guests warm all night. It’s the best place to reminisce about the last 21 years and make some new memories too!

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