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Generator Rental: Are tool hire centres offering you a cheaper deal?

Generator rental & power is not an easy thing to understand! We regularly receive calls and emails from couples, parents and event organisers asking us for help. Often messages will start with a simple ‘we need a generator, can I have a price please’. Our helpfulness, knowledge and simple pricing structure aim to make everything as simple and straight forward as possible.

This article looks at what Grizzly Bear Event’s generators offering has v’s that of the tool hire centres. Examples of such are Brandon Tool Hire, HSS and Speedy hire.

We’ve all seen builders, tradesmen and possibly even event organisers renting from the ‘big boys’ in the tool or plant hire sector. More-often than not we get compared to these generator rental companies, and people simply look at the headline price difference. In short, this is understandable as weddings are typically not very budget friendly! Please continue with this article to learn of the reasons why you should seriously consider using an events specialist for your event generator rental. 

Our ultra silent event hire generators are 20kva and 40kva in power output size. Typically a 20kva generator will suffice a wedding for upto 120 guests with an informal dining option. Some hire centre’s do offer 20kva generators but often will suggest using several 6kva generator as this is a readily available model for them. This would technically be do-able; with one for the band, a second for catering and maybe another for lighting. 3 generators for the job which we can do with one…

Clients who we regularly work with;

Top 10 Reasons To Book Us v A Hire Centre

  • Delivery & Collection

    We include delivery within 30 miles of our Horsham, West Sussex, based. Does your local hire centre even offer a delivery service? Grizzly Bear Events' generators are trailer mounted and on tow behind a 4x4, we can get across almost any terrain and deliver the generator to where it's required. Hire companies typically arrive in large trucks and could leave the generator far from the desired location.

  • Knowledge

    The tool hire centre staff member will know what a builder requires in order to make their drill or grinder work but do they understand what you're after? Is there a single point of contact at the end of the line if you have a quick question, or need to add on some extra plugs for a photobooth last minute?

  • The Generator Itself

    Are they offering you a suitable product? Our generators are ultra silent & fuel efficient. They come with distribution boards and cabling too. Plus, we'll make sure in the booking process that the generator is of adequate size for your event.
    Our 'Denyo Eventa' generators are as quiet as you can get in the events power rental market - that's why we use them! Not all 20va or 40kva event generators are the same - it's worth comparing some key figures like run time, noise and size.

  • Cabling & Plug Sockets

    Do not overlook this aspect! Many of your suppliers (eg. band & catering) will not bring cable or sockets to your event. They expect cabling to be in situ and ready to use. Do you have the necessary distribution boards, cabling or sockets? Do you know how to install this? Grizzly Bear Events do! We install, test and leave you some spare cable on site too. This is free and part of our service.

  • Fuel

    Our generators will run for around 30-40 hours on one tank of fuel. The smaller 6kva generator typically only last for 8 hours on one tank of fuel - imagine if the power went mid-way through your first dance... We haven't even touched on the fact you may have to source, buy jerry cans and top up the generator yourself...

  • Shhhh....

    Our rental generators are not completely silent. Grizzly Bear Events' generators are defined as 'Ultra Silent' with a sound level of around 60dba at 7m - you will not notice our generators once you have guests chatting and enjoying themselves. They're the quietest you can get.

  • Flexibility on Delivery Date & TIme

    We aim to deliver the same day as your marqee company so they can test their lights etc. There's no charge for an extra day of the generator being on your site. Some venues request that all suppliers are off site on a Sunday - this is fine too, we regularly collect on Sundays. It's all part of our package offering.

  • On Call 24/7

    Grizzly Berar Events have someone at the end of a phone line 24/7. Should you have a question or issue on site which you require assistance with, please do call! We even have a spare back-up generator on standby, should the worst happen. (it hasn't to date)

  • Damage Waivers, Insurance, Deposits

    It's not uncommon for the hire centres to add on a percentage damage waiver, ask you for proof of event insurance or request a sizeable card deposit. Our equipment is tracked, locked in situ and insured by us. No deposits, waivers or requirement for you to insure the generator.

  • Fridge Trailers, Heaters or Lighting Too?

    You can pair our generators with other specialist outdoor event equipment such as fridge trailers, marquee heaters and festoon lighting. All connection cabling, set up and delivery is included in our prices. Get in touch for further information on these items.

Breaking Down the Headline Price

We know and understand that price is a big factor when it comes to making your final decision on where to hire from.

Probably our biggest piece of advice on generators, is that, typically, you do get what you pay for. At Grizzly Bear Events we do aim to be one of the most competative on the market but from time to time we are slightly more expensive than other generator hire companies. We’d advise that you look at the reasons fully before making a decision. Is £50-100 worth the additional workload, stress and worry?

Below, there is a price example summary of ourselves v’s a tool hire company. The aim is to demonstrate that often the costs are comparable. However, generally we offer more for your money when you look at the bigger picture.

The above article hopefully demonstrates how generator rental through an event expert, such as Grizzly Bear Events, really does make sense when you’re organising outdoor event power.

Check our out reviews for genuine proof that we really do meet expectations on generator rental across Sussex, Surrey and Kent. 

Furthermore, please do take a moment to read the below articles for further helpful generator information:

Do not hestitate to get in touch with us to discuss your generator needs further. On a daily basis we speak and send emails to new clients who do not regulary book generators, so do not fear discussing your requirements with us. 

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