Outdoor Event Equipment Hire: What To Consider Before Renting

Promotional events, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays – they are all great fun. But the planning side of things can get pretty stressful. There is a lot to think about before the big day to ensure everything is perfect. Most things like decorations, invites and menu choices are quite personal touches that add an element of you to the day. However, in the background lies the necessities that help all these personal touches run smoothly. 

Outdoor event equipment hire such as heaters, freezers, chiller fridges and generators are actually a really important part of your planning stages. They might not seem as crucial because the guests won’t be looking at them or eating them! However, to make sure they are as comfortable as can be and your food or drink is kept to the highest quality – you need to be investing in quality rentals to make that happen. 

The team at Grizzly Bear Events are all about simplicity and making things happen then and there for you. Last-minute decisions or realisation that these key things have been missed out can shoot stress levels through the roof. 

By using outdoor event equipment hire like the ones we provide – it can be much more convenient and easy to manage. To get the full benefit of our services and get things moving as efficiently as possible, there are a few things you should consider before renting.

Book Ahead Where Possible

We pride ourselves on catering to last-minute emergencies as often as possible. Although, certain times of the year are thriving with events left, right and centre. As a result, we often see our calendars fully booked months in advance for popular weekends, such as August bank holiday weekend. It is times like these that we do all we can to provide services for short-term emergencies – but we can’t always guarantee it will be possible. 

With this in mind, the team will always recommend you book well in advance where possible. January is always one of the busiest months for us and by February we will be fully booked for generators on many weekends. People start to ramp up their event planning and Friday to Sunday weekend hire’s  become extremely popular.

While we are still in the cold winter months, heaters, and generator to power them, are a must. Being more popular at the start and end of the year it’s crucial you plan ahead. Throughout summer, our chiller, coldrooms and power rental can be hard to come by. In order to avoid disappointment, give us a call to discuss upcoming plans and how we can help you in the future with outdoor event equipment hire. 

Venue Limitations

While we provide pretty much everything you will need on the day for heaters, chillers and lighting, we can’t magic up plug sockets and electricity for our equipment. It’s worth asking a few questions if you have already settled on a dream venue. To ensure you can get everything working properly, we recommend making sure:

  • There is enough power on-site to keep your rentals and other elements running. If not definitely think about bringing in a generator.
  • Does the venue provide any cabling to get you from the power source to equipment? If not suppliers may need to bring this or you need to supply.
  • Will you need to bring extension cords to run certain things where they need to be?
  • The power is close enough to the external area you are hosting the event. If it is too far (typically over 50m) you should consider a generator as over 50m you tend to get power voltage drop. 

All of these things should be able to be answered by the venue manager or simply by doing a quick check around as you visit. Keep an eye out for external sockets, and whether they are powering any outside event equipment that is already in place. This will also help our team figure out what you may need when enquiring. It will speed the process along and make sure you can run everything properly on the day.  


Generators are a must-have for any outdoor event that you organize. That being said, hiring a generator is not actually as complicated as you might think. We can help you in recommending the best-sized generator depending on your needs. We also include cabling, fuel and delivery to West Sueex, East Sussex and into Kent & Hampshire.  Our equipment is also insured and securely locked on site.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. The rates include the generator, cabling, insurance and the initial 20 hours of fuel. For example a 20kva generator is £495+vat all inclusive of the above.

Our 20kva and 40kva ultra-silent generators are well recognised for being quiet, easy to use and reliable. On one full tank, they can run for over 24 hours.

Our generators are all fully insured, quality checked and tested prior to every event they are used and we can install the cabling for you where-ever you need the plug sockets. 

Chiller Space

If you’re hosting an event for 100 guests, with a lively bunch of guests, you will likely go through 8 cases of bubbly and 6 cases of beer before you’ve even thought about soft drinks and stocking the bar! While catering companies usually bring their own fridge van to store food – you need to make sure you’ll be able to keep all the drinks cold too. 

Even more consideration will need to be given here if you’re catering for yourself or using an external company that needs extra room. In this case, our different sized chillers provide options for all eventualities and make it really easy to organise. 

All our trailers are fitted with shelving, step access and lockable doors. They’re super convenient and will ensure no one has a sneaky peek before you’ve made a toast! Whether it’s just for the day, or you’re hosting a long term event, booking early will get you one of our chillers for as long as you need. We specialise in long and short term outdoor event equipment hire so that you can be sure every part of your day goes to plan.

Top Tip:

Many drinks wholesalers (Costco, Majestic, Waitrose) allow drinks to be bought on a sale or return basis. Their main criteria for allowing a refund is that cases of wine or beer and unopened and undamaged. By using a chiller everything can remain in boxes and sealed until it is definitely required. Meaning, you won’t end up with the possibility of lots of open stock at the end of the event

Keeping Everyone Warm

Even during the summer, the nights can get chilly and leave people wishing they’d brought another layer! Our heaters are a must-have for winter events or late-night parties outside. 

It’ll keep everyone comfortable and make sure they can enjoy the night for as long as they’d like. No one needs to leave early because they left their jacket at home – but we’d recommend not leaving it as a last resort!

Cover yourself early and book in for at least one of our heaters. Seated guests can quickly feel the cold and if you’re not relying on dancing to keep them warm, you may need more than one. 

Stay Ahead of Schedule

If you’re booking a marquee or other style outside structure such as a tipi, stretch tent or carpi marquee, it is always worth asking whether they’ll want to test lighting, pa systems or powered accessories before the event. Most companies will request that power be available on the build day, or atleast the dy before the event incase there are any unforeseen issues. Luckily, we don’t charge extra for a Thursday or Friday delivery of outdoor event equipment hire, even if you won’t be fully needing it until Saturday.

It allows you time to get settled into the venue space and rest assured you have all you need, and it’s working, in time for your guests’ arrival. Think about this when you need to stock your chillers too. We often get asked, on initial enquiries, to supply trailers from 10 am to midnight on a Saturday in an attempt to save money. However, we offer a weekend rate as standard so you could give yourself more time to set up and clear everything out. There is no need to rush – it will let you get organised and enjoy yourself! 

Expert Events Knowledge

Our speciality is events. It is our busiest rental market and because of this – we’ve come to know some tips and recommendations. But beyond that, other hire centres probably won’t be able to offer you the time and service that we can.

We take pride in going the extra mile to find out everything you may need to know and assist with issues or concerns.

Not only that, but when you contact our team at Grizzly Bear Events, you can be sure you’re getting top-quality and fully tested products. It’s easy for things to go wrong when they haven’t been professionally checked and installed.

That’s why we are able to test all electrical circuits to BS7909 recognised British standards. It ensures your guests and suppliers are well equipped and as safe as possible. 

Areas We Cover In The South East

We can provide our services for events all over the region, including

Reigate, Surrey

Horsham, West Sussex

Hailsham, East Sussex

Lewes, East Sussex

Petworth, West Sussex

Guildford, Surrey

Redhill, Surrey

Uckfield, East Sussex

East Grinstead, West Sussex 

Top 10 Reasons To Choose Us!

Outdoor Event Equipment Hire: Benefits Of Choosing Us

Firstly, do you really want to be lumbered with the cleaning and tidying of your rental products after use? We understand the burden of having to keep everything mess-free in the venue and leaving it as you found it. 

That’s why, unlike most other hire companies, you can leave the cleaning to us. We won’t charge you if it returned with a few spillages or crumbs on the floor. We’ve got it covered. You shouldn’t have to deal with yet another thing on the list!

Furthermore, consider this when looking for the perfect outdoor event equipment hire… Their customer service should be on top form. If you’re having to wait days for them to respond to your email, it says a lot about the company!

When you need something done, we’ll help you sort it. Planning is stressful and the quicker you can get a date in the diary – the better. You can then rest assured everything is set up and available for when you need it. All you need to do is enjoy the day…


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