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Facts, phrases and myths debunked from the 2023 season

Over the last six months we have worked and delivered generators and fridge trailers to over two hundred clients! (Yes, more than we thought too, until we added it all up!) Over the course of a season we find that we get asked several questions and hear phrases on a weekly, if not daily basis. This article looks at those in a little more detail, covering off some of the common questions, queries and myths which we hear along with adding in some facts for you too. This is not intended to in any way replace clients asking us questions ahead of their rentals, more as a light hearted look at some common conversations. 

Facts, Myths and Phrases from Summer 2023:

  • Common phrase: A 'standard 3 pin plug' is all they're asking for

    More often than not some suppliers do not know the full power draw on their equipment. A standard socket could be fully loaded with 3kw for a fryer or 0.5kw for a fridge, for example. It's always best to ask what each socket is being utilised for so we can supply and install the best cabling solution for your event.

  • Fact: We do not only give you 20 hours of fuel

    In our generator package prices we include 20 hours of diesel fuel with our generators. They however will always be delivered to your wedding or event with a full tank, which could last on a typical event load up to around 50-60 hours. It's perfectly fine to go over the 20 hours of included fuel, after the event we'll simply invoice you for the additional hours - this normally works out to be around £6-10.00 per hour depending on generator model hired.

  • Myth: Our generators can be most by hand

    We've all seen the small generator on bulding sites, normally a blue Stephill or MHM branded generator which look like big wheelbarrows. Ours are much larger than this, we tow them behind pick up trucks and they're permanently mounted to the trailer, weighing in at around 1.5 tonnes.

  • Fact: A tea urn uses a lot of power

    Who doesn't love a Sunday brunch after a glamping wedding celebration? Often coffee is much needed to give guests a caffeine boost. Usual done using coffee percolators or tea urns. Inside these there is a powerful heating element which uses a lot of power, much like in a household kettle. This can be anything upto around 3000w, which is nearly the maximum one plug socket can draw. Please do let us know if you're thinking of 'just adding a urn' into your set up as we need to cable up accordingly for this power draw.

  • Common Phrase: The generator is to go under that tree over there

    Grizzly Bear Events require atleast 5m clear space above the generator once it is located. They're around 1.8m high and there is an exhaust ouytlet on the top so we cannot position the generators under trees or anything flammable.

  • Myth: A KW is the same as a KVA

    This one is a little technical but a common point which we come across on enquiries. We use event specification three phase generators, which means that a KVA is not equal to a KW. There is a power factor of 0.8 between them. Grizzly Bear Events will often forecast peak power draw in KW. For example you peak may be 25KW, we then add on 10% for excess comfort and any last minute additions, then convert over to KVA for our generator size recommendation. In this example, 25kw plus 10% is 27.5KW. Converted over to KVA this would be 34KVA. In which instance would would suggest a 40KVA size generator.

  • Myth: Size Matters

    We've noticed in recent years that many of the longer standing marquee companies always recommend 60kva generators as the 'go to'. Rarely thought is this size actually required. 95% of the time we can accomodate actual power needs onto a 20kva or 40kva. We do own and rent out 60kvas as sometimes these are the required size. If clients are looking for a standby option we can supply a smaller generator set to be on site next to the larger one too. We can also add a team member on the day to offer reassurance and for any last minute cabling amendments.

  • Fact: We use Ultra Silent Generators

    Our generators are some of the quietest on the market. I know we keep saying this but they genuinely are. Often described as a whisper quiet models. We normally position our generators within 5 meters of the catering tent, once one of our generators is running you can rarely hear them in the main marquee or tipi space. Mini fact - they're called ultra silent but they are not actually completely silent, just as close to being silent as you can get.

  • Myth: The generator should be booked in with the marquee company

    A little contentious this one. We often come across new clients who are strongly recommended to book in their generator with their marquee supplier. This is certainly not a must in any way at all. Every week we work with a number of tent companies and install cabling to match up to their lighting installation. The majority of the cabling is usually for the band, dj, catering, toilets, fridges, bar etc which is all overlaid after the marquee itself. If you are considering going with your marquee company do take a moment to compare prices and generator quality. Installation is normally scheduled to be on the final afternoon of the marquee build so the marquee supplier can test all their lights before departing.

  • Common Phrase: We've got an extension lead to add onto your cable

    Included in all of our generator rental packages we include cabling for all your wedding, party or event needs. We'd always prefer to install cabling all the way to the final location and have the correct socket on the end. This should reduce the need for extension leads. Grizzly Bear Events want to reduce call outs for last minute power amendments so we go through your whole day and supplier list with you before heading off to ensure we have covered all your equipment power requirements.

Some of the event locations we've hired to this summer:

What's the winter event season got in store for us so far?

As we head deep into the Autumn season we are looking ahead to November & December bookings for Christmas events. At the same time we’re receiving a steady stream of enquiries and quote requests for next summers wedding season. It’s a key time for event rental businesses like us in Sussex, as next year’s clients are starting to get into the nitty gritty of event and wedding planning for June, July & August 2024. Many of the key July dates are filling up fast so we recommend to those still to confirm and reserve to get in touch as soon as possible. 

Looking ahead to the next few months we have a Christmas fair booked in across in East Sussex, plus local butchers, fishmongers in Surrey and farm shops across the South-east are reaching out to book in their fridge trailers. We also have a regular booking with a building company who kindly gift their employees meat joints at Christmas, who have booked in their refrigeration unit for the 200+ joints to go into upon delivery from the local butcher. This is also the annual maintenance programme on our chillers and generators – everything is serviced, cleaned and any minor repairs required are carried out – yes, even we incur damage over the season….

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