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How to Plan a Low Cost DIY Wedding

We take a look at some of the easy ways to keep costs down and how Grizzly Bear Events can help you achieve this.

How we can help with a reduced size wedding in 2021;

Our outdoor event equipment can help you have a great 2022 event. Suitable for both 30 guest events upto 150+

Food & drink refrigerated storage:

If you’re aiming to go down the intimate DIY route, think about refrigeration. One of our chillers is equivalent to around 20 standard fridges. 

They come with shelving and a lockable access door. Again, trailer mounted for easy, hassle free delivery. We offer both 3m and 2.4m long chillers, for the smaller and larger event.


We can help if you’re hosting an event in a family or friends back garden. Don’t underestimate the power required for marquee lighting, a band, toilets, bbq etc. 

We have smaller 20kva ultra silent generators which are delivered on a small trailer, plus all cabling is taken care of. 


Why rent one of our newly launched bio-ethanol fires? They make a great a focal point for intimate conversations.

Compared to log fires, the positives include; being able to use them indoors, no smoke, smell or the need to keep adding logs.


If you’re hosting into the evening think about lighting up a walkway, trees or the inside of your tent. 

We rent and install festoon lighting, fairy lights and LED flood lights

Grizzly Bear Events can also help by recommending other local suppliers. 

Ask us if you need some guidance or details of companies to contact for 2022 events…

Useful link:

Updated Government Wedding Advice – click here

Guides for Brides – General wedding news, advice and tipis – click here 

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Our range of equipment for hire:

Grizzly Bear Events Generator hire


Generators are essential to keep the power running to your outdoor party. All of our generators are ultra-silent so you won't hear that buzz

Grizzly Bear events chillers for hire


Have the space to keep everything cold on site. We have refrigerated trailers that we deliver and install for you at your location.


Keep your guests warm through the night (or day) with our heaters. Alternatively, keep everyone cool by using them as fans

Grizzly Bear Events Lighting for hire


Light up the dark! Nothing says a party quite like twinkly lights, we rent out festoon lighting to make your party a festival