Flexible & Convenient Marquee Heater Hire Sussex

Looking for marquee heater hire? Here at Grizzly Bear Events, we pride ourselves on offering top-quality professional heaters that are there to suit your needs. Otherwise known as indirect diesel heaters, space heaters, and ducted heaters. We supply them in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, West Berkshire, London, and beyond. 

No matter what you need a marquee for, come to us for marquee heater hire Sussex and our heaters will be sure to keep you warm. We only use brands and models that are renowned in the events industry to ensure that they’re reliable, safe, and effective. 

Uses of Marquee Heater Hire Sussex

Our heaters are mainly used to heat marquees, but they can also be used in all sorts of shelters, such as sail cloth tents, stretch tents, yurts, tipis, barns, outbuildings, pagodas, gazebos, the list goes on…

The heaters that we supply are an events industry recognised heating method so you can be sure it’s safe and efficient.

They can be used for both long and short term marquee heater hire Sussex to suit your needs. So, whether you need heating for a day, a month, or even longer, we are here to help you.

Indirect Diesel Heater

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Marquee Heater Hire Case Studies

We’ve provided marquee heaters to many events, venues, suppliers, and more, all over Sussex and beyond. Here are just a few examples of our case studies where we provided marquee heater hire, Sussex and beyond:

  • Ridgeview Vineyard, West Sussex

    Our heaters were hired to keep guests warm in a tipi during wine tasting and weekend foodie events.

  • Pub garden Marquee, Rising Sun, Milland, Hampshire

    Our heaters were used to keep the alfresco marquee dining area warm and cosy for the pub guests to enjoy

  • Birthday Party in Winter, Guildford, Surrey

    Marquee heaters were used to keep guests warm while celebrating at this winter birthday party

  • Wedding marquee, Hyde Estate, West Sussex

    We supplied marquee heater hire Sussex to a couple hosting an outdoor wedding in September with Covid-19 restrictions

Why rent with Grizzly Bear Events?

Now you know all about the different marquee heater options that we provide, what are the benefits of choosing us above the rest? We strongly believe that we offer great service, easy convenience, and more. Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing Grizzly Bear Events!

  • Delivery to your venue

    We'll deliver your marquee heater to any venue in the South East! Delivery is FREE with more than one heater, or for a nominal charge

  • We'll install & demo

    We're proud to offer a solution that's quick and simple to use! And, with our marquee heater hire, you don't need to worry about installing it by yourself. Our friendly team will do all the hard work for you. And, we'll give you a demo on how to use the heater before we leave, so you can easily get to grips with it!

  • Built in temperature control

    Feeling too hot or too cold with your heater? Not to worry, as our marquee heaters come with a thermostat to control the temperature, exactly to your liking.

  • Fuel included

    We'll even include the first eight hours of heater fuel with the hire price. So, you don't need to worry about getting it started.

  • No commitment

    How long do you need a marquee heater for? Whether it's a few hours, days, weeks, or even longer, there's no commitment and it couldn't be easier to arrange.

Indirect Diesel Heater Specs

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Looking for a centre piece in your marquee or teepee which is smell, smoke and fume free?

Our bio-ethanol fire pits, set in a steel surround with a white wash wooden base, look great in any setting. 

They’ll burn for up to 12 hours without a refuel, are simple to ignite and bring the outdoors, indoors. It’s worth noting that these fires shouldn’t be used as the only source of heat as their heat output is low. Find out more on the firepit page or on our blog article here.

From £250 per weekend, including delivery, fuel and installation. Longer rentals and fuel refills available.

Other equipment available for hire:

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