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The invevitable; a small price rise on our fridge trailer hire prices….

After nearly three years of trading, we’ve had to take the invevitable decision to increase our price on fridge trailer rental prices. Grizzly Bear Events offer all inclusive pricing, with delivery, the chiller hire and cleaning in our standard package fee, with all elements having being pushed up with inflation and other factors in the last 12 months. Our main business overhead is fuel, which as we all known has continued to climb higher than ever before. 

All clients who already have a booking with us will remain on their agreed prices. However, on all new bookings we will be moving over to the updated pricing. It’s not a huge increase, i most instances it has been an increase of £20-25 for weekend rentals and £30-50 for upto 30 days.

A little background to the decision; our fuel costs have risen 25% this year (before the Ukrain & Russian further fuel price surge) along with business storage facility rental, vehicle costs, energy charges as well as with company marketing prices all increasing too. It’s worth us mentioned that there are lots of costs behind the scenes such as marketing, admin & diary time, insurance and website hosting which are also combined into the rental rates you pay as the client. 

We’re pretty confident you’ll still be hard pushed to find another company with a high standard of equipment like ours, who include delivery & collection, shelving, lockable access, after rental cleaning plus insurance cover for less than £295+vat for a weekend hire on a 3 meter internal length (10,000l) refrigerated trailer. 

A little reminder on why you may need chiller trailer hire;

Grizzly Bear Events’ most popular rental market is from catering and event companies to use for food & drinks cool storage. They’re a low cost way to give you shelved storage and minimal power refrigeration. With various sizes and options we deliver at an agreed time, set up, leave with you and collect at the end – you don’t have to go collecting, moving or own anything. 

In the last six months alone, we’ve hired fridge trailers for company Christmas meat hampers, flowers, pharmaceutical storage and froozen food suppliers. Plus Grizzly Bear Events are available for weddings, parties, breakdowns & other temporary fridge needs. (

Rear of Large Chiller

Frequently Asked Questions: 


We recommend receiving your ice delivery on the morning of the wedding and placing it as a bundle into the chiller trailer. The vast majority will remain frozen well into the night. We often collect on Sunday’s and find bags of ice still frozen. 


Our fleet can run off a standard 13 amp plug socket, so they’re easy to use at a variety of locations. Your power source doesn’t have to be from the mains, they also run from generators.   

Movement of the trailer

Upon delivery we install wheel and hitch locks so the trailer can’t be moved or relocated after we leave the venue. 

Why choose Grizzly Bear Events for chiller trailer hire?

We hope that the slight price rises mentioned above won’t put off our loyal customer base, we will still be delivered fridge trailers with a great service across the region. Our great collection of Google Reviews speak for themselves. 

Click here to go to our chiller trailer hire page, or the below button to get in touch. 

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