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Our busiest summer of events, ever! Check out where we’ve been so far…

At the time of writing this article we’re closing in on having completed over one hundred event deliveries so far this summer…that’s a huge number for us and something we are incredibly proud of. Without the support and time from our events team it wouldn’t be possible, so I begin with a thank you to them. 

Below is a sample of some of the events we’ve poweredlit, chilled or provided heating for, as you can see we cover a large market including parties, aniversaries, commercial hire, in addition to our largest sector which is weddings. We’ve seen the refrigeration side of the business continue to grow, plus there has been further investment in a few more brand new fridge trailers.. If you are still looking to reserve a fridge trailer or coldroom for your event do get in touch as soon as possible. 

We started the summer season with a large job over the Easter weekend, at a wedding where we supplied a full package of equipment, spanning power, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and our extra large fire pits too. More photos and details on this specific wedding to follow when the summer season calms down – it was a stunning marquee, setting and everything came together so well to create a glorious occasion. 

Every week since April, we’ve seen the majority of our equipment being towed out of the yard weekly, to a whole host of outdoor events, festivals and occasions across Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. It really is amazing to see the events industry bounce back so strong after what the last few years have thrown at us. 

Furthermore, after many emails, calls and sometimes the odd teary moment from our postponed wedding clients (many of which have had to do so multiple times) we’ve also had the honour of meeting for the first time and helping them achieve their dream wedding. Covid is hopefully behind us now and we can continue to deliver brilliant, memorable events well into the future…

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