In The Nick Of Time! Emergency Fridge Trailer Hire & Call Outs

We all know that feeling. You’re in the thick of planning an event and suddenly you realize that you need a fridge trailer – and fast! Or maybe it’s the day before a long bank holiday weekend and your old cold room storage packs in from the heat. We see this more often than many would like to admit…

That’s why we’re known for our insanely fast emergency refrigeration hire and last-minute walk in coldroom emergency callouts. We offer same-day and often within-the-hour dispatch across Surrey and Sussex.

Whether your current fridge has broken down or you just need some extra space for a big party, we can help. Our team is available 24/7 to deliver a cold room trailer to your location, often being with you in under 2 hours!

Check out our real life case studies below of examples where we’ve had friddge & freezer trailers available for last minute hires.

emergency refrigeration hire

Always On Hand

We aim to always have a fridge trailer in stock at all times. This means we are ready to pick up and go when you call in desperate need! Having one available means that all our team needs to do is hitch it up to our towing vehicle and set off.

Being that easy, we’re often on our way to your location within the hour after your call. You need emergency refrigeration hire for a reason, so we won’t leave you waiting anxiously any longer!

Fit For A King!

Recently we were called out to Brighton, Sussex where the Burger King refrigerated cold room broke down before the Jubilee weekend. With hoards of people flocking the Sussex town over these few days, the chain was expecting to be busier than ever.

With very few options available so close to the bank holiday – we were glad to help solve the problem before there were too many unhappy customers craving a good burger!

We dispatched and delivered a 2m fridge chiller trailer within just 90 minutes of the call from the King. It meant they had as little downtime as possible and could get everything back up and running again as usual before the rush.

Ready To Go In 20 Minutes

Our temporary fridge space can be delivered and down to temperature in just 20 minutes. You won’t need to do anything once we arrive – our team will set it all up and ensure you’re happy, ensuring that the temperature is going down to fridge or freezer levels. After that, away you go! You’ll have a fully functioning freezer or fridge trailer on-site before you know it. Doesn’t get any easier than that…

Or does it? Well, just to make it even more simple – there is no three-phase or electrical required. We can plug our rentals into a standard 3-pin 13 amp power supply. This is great for quick set-up and convenient for different on-site locations without needing to get an electrician in too. 

Planned Repairs

The Holiday Inn, Brighton had some scheduled freezer maintenance taking place that meant they’d need an alternative until it was fixed. They couldn’t go without as food was still being delivered for their restaurant, and it needed to be properly stored. 

Luckily, our chiller fridge rentals were the perfect short-term solution. We delivered to them on Sunday (yes, we work Sundays too…), ensuring that from Monday to Wednesday they had a safe, hygienic space within the loading bay area to store their frozen produce.

When they were done, we simply drove over to collect it and everything was business as usual! So, if you’ve got some maintenance coming up or suddenly realise a chiller has packed in – give us a call and we’ll be down to sort you out in a flash.

Anything You Need…

Don’t worry about the size either, our fridge trailers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate. So whether you’re looking for a quick fix over the weekend or want to hang onto it long-term for a restaurant fridge hire or a fun event, we’ve got you covered.

Everything is available from a smaller 2m x 1.3m space to stack up stock, to a fully accessible walk-in 3.6m fridge trailer. All options come with sturdy shelving, making it easy to organise, find your stock and collect it off the racking. We don’t want anyone complaining of back pain when we come to pick them up! And, each has step access for further safety. If this still isn’t enough, don’t forget you’ve got our cold rooms to hire too if the space is indoors or awkward access.

Oh and don’t worry about any accidents or a drop in temperature. All our emergency refrigeration hire and freezer trailers have the step access, a lockable door and internal lighting to ensure complete safety from anyone who needs to pop in and out.

emergency refrigeration hire

No matter the size of your next event...

Additional Coldroom Space

At peak bank holiday times, Chessington World of Adventures (Surrey) knew they’d be in desperate need of some extra space for more stock and with the warm weather on route that the space would be used to keep everything cool.

Not only did we supply the chiller but could offer them professional cabling from our generator stock from their on site three-phase power supply. All of this resulted in the fridge hire being delivered and down to 2 degrees in just 2 hours from the call coming in. We seriously don’t hang about!

Temporary Storage

A private client of ours in Alton, Hampshire, needed some temporary space at their home to store stock from their personal butchery. We were able to assist with a quick refrigeration callout and provide next-day delivery ensuring all of the meat was properly stored prior to freezing.

Planned Coldroom Replacement

Butcher In The Wood, Esher, came to us when their new cold room was being built. They still needed some temporary storage to keep any downtime to a minimum and avoid losing stock in the process.

We were happy to provide a 4m fridge trailer in situ to ensure the proper maintenance and build could carry on as planned while keeping the business open.

Crucial Care

Guys and St Thomas Hospital in central London were having some repairs done to their freezer storage and needed to ensure they had a backup across the two weeks this was taking place.

Powered by an outside household plug socket, we dropped off the emergency freezer rental at 6am to ensure everything was safely stored away, in time for their usual cold room to be shut off. We are more than happy to accommodate your timings and rental period – so get in touch today!

emergency refrigeration hire

Emergency Refrigeration Hire & Call Outs

We know that breakdowns happen when we least expect them to so always be prepared with Grizzly Bear Events’ emergency refrigeration hire! No one wants their food going off in this heat so give us a call today. We can be with you in a flash to get everything back on track!

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from our years of experience, it’s that emergency refrigeration call-outs can happen at any time!

That’s why we offer a 24 hour service across Surrey, Sussex plus across into the Hampshire and Kent borders, so you’re never left high and dry. No matter what time of day or night, we’ll be there to save the day.

We know how important it is to keep your food and other stock properly stored, especially during hot summer months. So, if you find yourself in need of an last minute, emergency fridge trailer or temporary cold room – give us a call and we can discuss sizing and delivery together.

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