Emergency And Bespoke Event Equipment Hire in Surrey

Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter – there is no wrong time for an outdoor party. As typical Brits would brave any weather for some delicious food, a tipple of wine and top quality entertainment. 

However, we’re sure you still want to do everything you can to ensure your guests are comfortable and help you deliver the event s smoothly as possible. That’s where our outdoor event equipment hire Surrey comes in. 

We offer many of the main outdoor event equipment items you could possibly need to complete the day and ensure each element runs smoothly. 

From keeping food and drinks cold in the Summer heat, to warming your guests or transforming a plain marquee into something from a fairy-tale, just get in touch and we will make it happen.

Don’t forget we also offer ‘On the Day’ co-ordination packages. Grizzly Bear Event’s team can meet suppliers, assist with setting up furniture and keep everything on schedule as you wish – leaving you to enjoy the party! 

Surrey And The South East

We operate across the South East of England and have over a decade of event management behind us. Kent, Sussex, Surrey and into Hampshire – we’ll travel around from our Horsham base to your event location. Our team are on emails or at the end of the phone to help with final planning or any questions you may have , whilst ensuring we keep the process simple and comprehensive. 

No jargon, no hard work from you – just a quick turnaround and peace of mind. 

So for your next event, whether it be last minute or a long-term requirement, get in touch with the team at Grizzly Bear Events.

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Hire A Generator

Our super-silent generators are a must for any event equipment hire Surrey. It’s not as complicated or expensive as you may think! We’ve got a multitude of generators to choose from which will ensure you get the correct size for your power needs. 

Our prices are all-inclusive, meaning you get the super silent generator, initial 20 hours of fuel, plenty of cabling (which is installed for you) and insurance without any hidden fees. So whether you need a 20kva product for one evening or 40kva to last you a whole weekend – we will quote you for the entire process. 

  • Business Events

We’re not talking end of quarter one team lunches… But if you are planning a large conference, outdoor team building or Summer party for staff and families – you should always consider the benefits of event equipment hire Surrey and getting your hands on a proffesional event generator. Too many times we have seen builders merchant ones at events and clients call last minute as they’re noisy & come without fuel, nor cabling. 

With the post-pandemic environment meaning everyone is moving outside where possible, it’s time to cater for this new way of doing things and book the right equipment, at the right price. 

  • Outdoor Gigs

Generators are an absolute must when catering for so much electronic equipment, food stalls, drinks and lighting. The last thing you need is for power failure to stop the event in its tracks. 

Even in an emergency, we have had equipment ready to go and on its way within an hour of receiving the client’s phone call. But we’d highly recommend getting in touch to secure your generator and get reserved with everything you need, as early as possible. That way our team can do all the hard work and remove the last-minute stress.

  • Weddings

We all love a good wedding, and it’s always a nice surprise when the happy couple changes things up by opting for a woodland wedding, marquee event or anything outdoors! The atmosphere is unmatched and especially in the sunnier months – it allows far more room to get people to mingle.

However, you still need some source of power to cater for lights, music, catering and heating. But this can be a little more difficult without a direct plug or mains power outside. It’s worth bearing in ind from the outset that a household mains supply is not sufficient enough for hosting a marquee event. Generators are the perfect event equipment hire Surrey to ensure you can make everything as magical as you deseserve!

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can completely change the whole look and atmosphere of an event. Outdoors, professional lighting will ensure the right mood is set for the evening and there are plenty of well-lit spaces for people to dance, chat and eat. 

  • Festoon Lighting

If you want to create a festival feel and jazz up any space – these are the ideal option. They’re simple yet effective and create pathways to direct your guests and add a romantic touch. 

We also offer ‘drop festoon’ which are completely on trend a look amazing in sailcloth, traditional tents or tipis. Whatever your style – you can incorporate festoon lighting amongst other decorations.

  • Fairy Lights

If you’re looking for something subtle and romantic, these are ideal. Fairy lights look good almost anywhere and can to improve the ambience even more! 

Instead of having more direct and sometimes harsh downlighting – you can make the effect broader, covering entire ceilings or draping in amongst flowers and other decors. 

  • LED Lights

No event equipment rental company is complete without some LED lighting additions. They are perfect for outdoor areas and our floodlights can be set for different colours to match your theme or create different atmosphere throughout the event. 

They also offer clear direction for any important areas of a large space too – like toilets, exits and the dance floor! They are much brighter than solar so if you are looking for something with a bit more kick – get in touch for some LED lights today. We also have a selection of LED battery uplighters for remote or hard to get to areas. 

  • Indoor Uplighters

Need something that stands out from traditional white or yellow lighting? Our multitude of coloured uplighting gives you plenty to choose from. Start the party with a rainbow effect around the venue, or pick one colour for an amazing finishing touch. Battery uplighter hire options also available.

Refrigeration: Chillers & Freezers

We offer two types of refrigeration to cater for any size event or business. Depending on the length of time and scale of your requirement – we can advise you on the best option. 

Full setup, installation, cleaning and transport is included and so our team will make sure everything is done in a timely manner. You just get the benefits of cold food, drink and other refrigerated stock – let us do the rest. 

Fridge trailers

These are a popular solution for short-term outdoor events as they can act as refrigeration or a freezer and area down to temperature in under 20 minutes! Now thats fast chilling! 

Each size comes with safe shelving, step access and a lockable door for security. 

They are super convenient for quick access to stock outside and can be powered easily with one of our generators or even a household supply! While many clients use them over a few days or the weekend, you can of course hold onto them for longer. With 4 sizes to choose from, you’ll have all the space you need without the hassle of cleaning or removing it afterwards!


This new addition to our event equipment hire, in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, is already in high demand! These modular alternatives to chiller trailers offer walk-in access for people who are looking for more long-term and large storage options. 

Simlar to chiller trailers, they can be brought down to fridge or freezer temperature in no time and are perfect for commercial use. They can be built indoors or outdoors so we’d also suggest considering your power requirements when you get in touch with us. Once again they can be powered by a standard 13amp plug socket supply.

We can advise on space and sizing to make sure you have everything you need within whatever venue you’re hosting. And don’t worry about having to set it all up! While they do arrive as a flat pack, our team will build them for you before handing over the reigns. ,

Hire Heating

Heatwaves are few and far between in England. So heating event equipment hire Surrey is a must for outdoor parties and gatherings. Controlled by thermostats, you can keep everyone comfortable as the weather chops and changes throughout the year! Don’t forget that it can be chilling on evenings, especially in open fronted tipis or sailcloth marquee wedding tents. 

Externally, we also hire out fires to create an atmosphere no one will forget. pairing these with our amazing lighting offers and you’ve got yourself a party!

  • Fire Pit Rental

Very festival wedding / camping-esque, they offer your guests somewhere to get cosy and chat while enjoying their favourite tipple. It’s a bit more personal than sitting around a patio heater and could always spark some scary stories or a good old-fashioned sing song…

  • Bio-Ethanol

If you’re not a fan of the great outdoors but still want a similar effect – these are great for indoor events and come without the smell or smoke of a real fire. With 12 hours of fuel included, they are hassle-free and people love them!

  • Heaters

With the not-so-pretty bit out of site, the internal vent will keep any marquee, tipi or outdoor venue toasty warm no matter how many guests you’re looking after. We’ll do all the prep work and just show you how to adjust the thermostat in case it gets a little bit too toasty! And, with FREE DELIVERY within 30 miles of Horsham, they are really a no brainer for autumn & winter parties.

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