It’s A Piece Of Cake With Our Complete Wedding Production Services

We know that you want every single detail to be perfect for your big day. This means creating the right atmosphere with lighting, ensuring the correct power supplies are available to suppliers, having refrigeration in place for the drinks and all those other details which help make your day go smoothly.

It can be difficult to coordinate all of this yourself, which is why many couples choose to work with a company that offers complete wedding production services. This way, you can hire everything you need behind the scenes and not have to worry about a thing, plus we can be there on the day to check everyone has what they need and deal with any last minute changes. 

Coordinating a wedding can be stressful enough and hiring a planner can be pricey, and not necessarily something you feel the need for. So, let us take care of the production side of things for you!

Need A Hands-On, Practical Approach?

When it comes to wedding set-up you may not want to get a planner involved for the more important and personal details – that’s all you! However, the bits that go on behind the scenes can be a little technical and aren’t always that fun to deal with yourself. That’s where we can step in. 

Our complete wedding production services give you the opportunity to be as involved or uninvolved in the practical side of things as you like. We’ve worked on hundreds of events and weddings are a forte of ours! We know caterers can be demanding and have a lot on their hands, bands have power demands and the bar company like to have quality refrigeration in place. 

Having tonnes of experience in what makes the big day enjoyable for everyone involved, we are on hand to provide expert advice and recommend the best equipment for you. Grizzly Bear Events have an extensive range for you to rent, including:

You name it, we’ve got it covered! Complete wedding production services are the perfect solution for couples who want peace of mind on their big day. And if there is anything you need that we don’t offer at Grizzly Bear Events – we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, or outsource on your behand and then ‘see-in’ the supplier on your behalf. It always helps to ensure equipment can be linked up and paired with the resources you already have on-site.

Although it seems like another cost to add, it is worth getting the final touches right and removing the stress and additional jobs for other members of the family.

We can tailor a price to suit your budget, leaving you to spend on that perfect dress…


Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, the right lighting can make all the difference. It can help to set the tone and atmosphere for your big day.

We offer a range of different lighting options that can be tailored to your specific needs. For example, fairy lights are perfect for creating a romantic ambience from roof beams, while indoor up-lighters can be used to highlight certain areas of the room, add colour to walls or go around the dancefloor area. 

If you’re not sure what kind of lighting would work best for your wedding, our team will be more than happy to offer advice and recommend the best option for you. 

on-location generator hire

Outdoor lighting

Lead your guests down a romantic pathway from the ceremony to the marquee just in time for dinner. Or add a splash of colour amongst the trees, completing the party vibes and getting everyone in the mood for a dance.

To create a cohesive and impactful space, you may need multiple lighting types to fill the incredible outdoor venue. But ensuring you have weatherproof equipment is just half of your struggle…all of our outdoor lighting is fully weatherproof. 

Outdoors you are often trying to fill a much larger space and ensure you still have ample lighting. This is where our team can step in and put together a plan that will turn a simple green venue into the perfect picturesque scene you desire come sunset. 

We can figure out the ideal amount and size of lighting that will fit your requirements (and budget). As well as this, we can discuss your colour schemes and visions for the transformation – ensuring we offer the most appropriate style for your day. This could be:



Uplighters/Flood Lights


Or a mixture of all of them! As outdoor venues are a little more tricky to illuminate, you’ll want complete wedding production services that make it simple!

Indoor lighting

Is it your dream to create your own personal nightclub for the night with all your friends and family as VIP guests?

We couldn’t agree more…

When all the soft, warm candlelit photos have been taken and the festoon lights have been admired on the walk to your venue, we can set you up with the latest indoor disco lighting and completely flip the mood ready for party time.

Choose from an array of different indoor disco lights, including:

  • LED batten uplighters
  • LED uplighters around the room
  • Moving head podiums
  • LED PARs
  • LED Disco light effects
Complete Wedding Production Services

Our team will deliver, install and test all the equipment on site before your event. And once the party is over, we’ll return to clear everything away so that you can enjoy a stress-free day afterwards, recovering from the night before!

Prepare Yourself For The British Weather

We understand that the weather can be unpredictable, but no one should let a bit of rain or even a heatwave get in the way of the perfect wedding.

This is why we also offer a range of different size heating and chilling options. This way, we can help you prepare for every eventuality! From diesel heaters to fire pits and chiller trailers, our team will be on hand to make sure your guests are comfortable and the booze is refreshingly refrigerated, no matter what the weather is doing.

Thermostat Heaters

Our thermostatically controlled heaters create the perfect temperature year-round, keeping your guests cosy in the winter and taking the late evening chill off some May/June. 

Even in June, you can never really be sure what will happen. We typically suggest one heater for the 9pm chill to keep an area of the tent warm one the sun sets. 

Our heaters can be used in almost any covered area, you don’t need to worry about opting for different equipment throughout the venue – the best part about complete wedding production services is that it is comprehensive!

No back and forth, just our team of experts ensuring you have everything you need.


Even in our unusually hot Summers, there are ways to keep your beers chilled! As part of our complete wedding production services, not only can we keep the beers cold but your caterer can use the space too for food preparation, cheese or even your flowers. 

We have multiple options for rental chillers, ensuring you have the space to keep canapes, food and drinks cool and ready to restock. Oh, and not forgetting the cake!

All of our fridge and freezer trailers are fitted with shelving, step access, a lockable door, internal lighting and come with connection cabling to a household or generator supply.

You’ll need everything to be ready to go throughout the day and so we’ll be there first thing to set up, ensuring the chillers are down to temperature in time for the stock to cool before guests arrive. Similarly – we have long-term rental availability if you get in quick, so keeping the party going all weekend is no problem!


Don’t worry – we’re not going to ruin the ambience of a quiet outdoor ceremony. But with complete wedding production services, we need to make sure everything we are providing has the power it needs to run smoothly throughout the day.

Our fleet of 20kva and 40kva ultra-silent generators are perfect for ensuring you can keep the whole event running smoothly. Our rates include the generator, initial 20 hours of fuel, cabling & insurance for full peace of mind. And you’ll get free delivery within 30 miles of Horsham too!

You don’t need to worry about adding on extension leads yourself, we’ll ensure everything is set up discreetly but conveniently to reach your Grizzly Bear Events Lighting, chillers, heaters, kitchen ovens and even your DJs decks.

Grizzly Bear Events are able to amend any power sockets as required, or add in forgotten power needs if we’re on site for the event day itself. The last thing we want is for the kitchen team to go without the cooking equipment which they needed a plug for! 

complete wedding production services

Complete Wedding Production Services

Often we suggest utilising our team between 10am – 10pm on your event day so that the key arrivals such as catering, bar, sound and lighting are all happy with their power requirements and the main cooking and critical times have us on hand. 

We understand that no two weddings are alike which is why we offer a bespoke service, working with you to ensure we provide everything you need and more. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help make your dreams a reality! 

We do also offer on the day full event co-ordination, we’ll come on board from around two months before the event. Meeting you both in person and going through all the detail, creating schedules , to do lists and talking about the venue layout which you have planned. Plus we’ll double check everything with suppliers so that you’re all set and ready to go! We’re working with you and so we can build a schedule that takes a weight off your shoulders, we’ll take on key tasks through-out the day which allows you to enjoy the big day as much as possible.

From start to finish, Grizzly Bear Events has got your back when it comes to making sure your vision of the big day becomes reality. We’ll work with you every step of the way, ensuring that all of your needs are accounted for – no matter how big or small. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of everything!

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