Avoid The April Showers With These 8 Marquee Event Trends

Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing. The return of outdoor events and enjoying the fresh air. Not only is it a great way to involve larger groups of people and accommodate with extra space, but it is the perfect party go-to now we are out the other side of lockdowns and the height of a pandemic. 

As well as this, anyone who has tried to host before knows the struggle of finding the perfect venue. Instead, why not opt for one of our marquee event trends and build your perfect venue from scratch? 

You can personalise it in any way you wish while ensuring it reflects the theme and atmosphere of your party, gathering or wedding. Think of it as a blank canvas. Something you can transform and incorporate into the great outdoors (while avoiding the showers).

If you are thinking this could be for you – have a read down below to see how you might be able to draw inspiration and hold your next amazing outdoor event this Spring!

marquee event trends

1. Traditional Is Back In

Forget about a ‘clearspan’ white PVC covering. More and more of our clients are now opting for more traditional styles. Pole, celeste or sailcloth designs are back in and are really making an impact. 

Instead of the bright white and clinical colour of a more modern style, the natural canvas pairs perfectly with a rustic theme. Since greens, florals and natural wood is also back in trend this year it’s no surprise that people are taking these marquee event trends to the next level.

When you are looking to decorate your venue, wooden cross back chairs, sage greens and plenty of foliage will help bring the outside in. Being surrounded by the great outdoors should give you plenty of inspiration, but don’t forget to make it your own.

2. Go Big Or Go Home

After the height of the pandemic, we have become attuned to social distancing and making plans in the outdoors. It seems to have formed into a habit for many people though and we are seeing more and more events take place outside to avoid the spread of any potiential and allow for more space. 

A benefit of a marquee is the sheer size you can create. You are no longer restricted to the confines of a 100-200 person venue or perhaps a smaller village hall. Our festival themed parties are one example of how they can be used to cater for a large number of guests. Music, drinks and good food can all be incorporated into an unforgettable day filled with your nearest and dearest. 

It also allows you to provide ample space between your guests and ensure they can be separated safely if needed. While we are still following the Covid advice and living a little more cautiously, these marquee event trends could be the perfect way to ease people back into party life. 

3. Pinterest & Insta-Worthy Decoration

Florists are truly skilled at creating gorgeous hanging floral arrangements. They are becoming more popular and even being taken on for weddings and big parties. Previously, they were expected by specialist premium clients for some eye-catching and eccentric additions to big gatherings.

Now, Pinterest has taken the idea and run with it. We are seeing plenty more elaborate decorations that set the tone for any theme. Within the marquee event trends, hanging floral displays are perfect because they don’t take up any floor space and can still present the perfect overhead pop of colour. 

Similarly, instead of just opting for the traditional bouquet and buttonholes, people are going all out with flowers for weddings. Hiring the same florist will offer some continuity with colour, design and types of flower throughout the venue. It will look completely cohesive and the bridal party will look fantastic for pictures!

marquee wedding
Summer parties

4. Banquet Tables

We’ve discussed the advantage of keeping people apart with these marquee event trends, but what about when you want everyone to mingle and get to know each other? 

Well, the way to keep it social is to opt for a long banquet-style table. Instead of arranging a head table or clusters of guests – keep them all close by and give them the opportunity to speak with those they may only see once a year! 

The amazing thing about these is that you could provide sharing starter platters to please everyone. It’s a fantastic

way of incorporating a lighter meal option and keeping the event far more collaborative. After all, socialising is what it is all about. A marquee offers more space to spread out and so you don’t need to feel as cluttered or squeezed together with a banquet table. 

It will feel more personal and allow you to get in amongst the action – rather than separating people with a seating plan.

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5. Keep It Bubbly

One of our marquee event trends that have been around for a while still doesn’t show signs of going anywhere. It actually made its way into formal black tie events and festival style parties too. 

If you are looking for a unique way to display your bottles, it is time to forget about the plastic buckets filled with ice. Instead, why not make it far more trendy and create a feature piece with an antique wheelbarrow filled with beers? Or an old favourite – a galvanised bathtub with bottles of bubbly.

Not only is it a great conversation starter but it looks fantastic. You can use the booze as part of your decoration while ensuring it flows all night long. 

However, we know you might be worried about keeping them cold outside. You can always use this as the centrepiece for the venue – more of an aesthetic choice than a practical one. But our chillers are perfect for keeping the real stock at a 

constant temperature and ensuring no one is upset by a lukewarm beer this Spring!

6. Dramatic Lighting

Candles and uplighting are all well and good for some parties, but there are far more interesting and dramatic ways of incorporating lighting options to your theme and decoration. The good thing about marquee event trends is that there are plenty of places to hang things. This means you can create anything from a fairytale atmosphere to a moody disco vibe. 

One option you could choose is festoon lights. These are a festival must-have but also create a really lovely outdoor ambience for your next event. Hanging overhead, they are perfect for guiding your guests as the sun sets and keeping the marquee lit up for an evening meal. 

Alternatively, coloured floodlights are becoming more popular. These have the potential to light up the area around your marquee too – allowing guests to take part in outdoor games or have a little dance away from the busy areas. The best part is – with the costs of LEDs falling, suppliers are able to offer more dramatic and colourful lighting at affordable prices! Check out our lighting options or ask for a site visit and we’ll see what we can suggest for the ultimate effect. 

No matter the size of your next event...

Outdoor event lighting

7. Hosting At Home

We know that location is a huge thing when it comes to any event. But why spend thousands on renting the perfect piece of land for these marquee event trends when you can do it just as well from the comfort of your own home?

If you are looking for a more intimate arrangement, there are plenty of smaller options you can go for. With everything that’s on the market – your rental choices will be sure to fit any size garden and cater for however many guests you’d like to invite. Grizzly Bear Events have worked in all sizes and shapes of venue, plus can suggest a few if you’re struggling to find a perfect location. 

Not only does it make it that bit more personal, but it will take away the stress of extra costs, cleanups and making sure you have all the equipment you need. What’s more – our event coordination services can save you double the hassle and we will make sure everything is spot on for your big day.

8. Sunday Brunch

When you’re looking at an outdoor wedding, you tend to have use of the land for a couple of days at the least. Because of this – it makes sense to keep that marquee up and get the most use out of it as possible! 

Turn a day’s event into a whole weekend and you’ll have more time to speak to all the guests, take time out for yourself and make sure you really get to enjoy the day. With the venue already set up outdoors, why not offer a camping stay to the guests and treat them to a Sunday brunch the next morning.

marquee event trends

It will create a time to reflect on an amazing night before and make sure everyone had a chance to get to know one another before heading back to the normal week. Not only will it add some relaxation time to the busy day, but it will make sure you’re using your budget wisely! 

Marquee Event Trends This Spring

Who doesn’t love an outdoor party when the weather is nice? The fresh air and natural backdrop for the day will create an atmosphere to remember. Marquees offer plenty of space for larger gatherings and can be decorated to your taste.

Paired with our chiller rentals and dramatic lighting, you’ll have cold booze flowing and fresh food coming all day to get you ready to party the night away. 

If you’d like any more information about our event coordination or how we can help pull your next event together, just get in touch with the team today.

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