On-Location Generator Hire For Film & TV

Whether you are creating the next blockbuster hit, a tv advert, or you’re a budding reporter, the last thing you want is to lose power to any equipment during filming. Or, on the other hand, not have enough power avaialable on location in the first place. Oftentimes, power is one of those aspects clients come to us last minute about. You wouldn’t want things like microphones, recording equipment or cameras to have power issues, leaving you having to reshoot a whole frame over again. 

Grizzly Bear Events offer on-location generator hire for all your short, long-term and emergency requirements. 

We can cater for multiple areas of the film and TV industry including on location work, catering facilities and unit base power for trailers and production facilities. Every production is going to be in need of different equipment and possibly require more power down the line as production ramps up. Our variety of long and short term rental options give you the flexibility you need for your next project, whether it is just a 2 hour or 48 hours on site, we’ll work out a solution for you.

But why choose Grizzly Bear Events for on-location generator hire? 

Our Rental Generators Are Ultra-Silent

We don’t like to brag, but when you’re in such a creative industry that requires the best quality acting, lighting, sound and video – you’re going to want the best equipment to go along with that! 

At under 60 decibels at 7m – our products are some of the quietest you can get in the hire industry. It’s probably one of the most important things to consider when filming as any background noise can contaminate your sound recording. This will mean more work for your technicians and editors when they have to filter out excess background noise for the final cut. 

Make their lives easier and invest in some quality gear before setting up. This way you can be certain that every shot – no matter where you are will not be filled with noisy humming from on-location generators. 

Great Fuel Efficiency

It’s often a hefty operation to power and supply everything a film or TV set will need. High-quality production means plenty of different equipment, people running in and out and a multitude of logistical complications. 

With that in mind, we should be doing everything possible to lower our carbon footprints and reduce the impact from vehicular transportation and other props or equipment that may contribute to this. The use of diesel on-location generator hire may seem counter productive, but just wait…

on-location generator hire

Our services are extremely fuel efficient and we pay every bit of attention to the environmental impact we have as a company. Choosing a rental business that bares this in mind will also benefit your contribution and reduce both carbon footprints as much as possible. 

We of course recognise that you still want the most power and use out of the generators, which is why ours are the perfect option. You get the best of both worlds. While extremely powerful, they are ultra-silent and our 20kvs generators use as little as 4-5 litres per hour. This is an amazing statistic for fuel-powered equipment and will also what helps keep our hire costs low!

Location, Location, Location

on location generator hire

It’s unlikely that you are going to be in one place for every shoot. Even over a weekend, we understand that film and TV are a process and require many different backdrops and set locations. Great opportunities are never just found in one place!

As a result, you can always benefit from our services. Night and day we will be ready to transport the generators from one location to the next without any hassle. This allows you to worry about the more important things such as staff, catering and the expensive equipment owned by you!

We’ll ensure your production experience is seamless and ensure our on-location generator hire is ready for every one of your needs. Even at the last minute – we’ll be on the phone and ready to come out to you in a matter of hours. 

This is essential when up against different factors. The weather doesn’t wait around for anyone, and neither do strict deadlines! We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call

We’re also well experienced with all the weird and wonderful locations you may choose for your shoot. Each generator is delivered on a trailer towed by a 4×4 so we can easily navigate around rough terrain and hard to reach areas. From here, you don’t need to worry about doing anything. Let us know the perfect position and we’ll get it all set up ready to go. If you decide you’re on the move and need to take it with you – just let us know and we’ll follow you to the next location.

Why Hire Grizzly Bear Events For On-Location generator Hire?

We're not a 9-5 company

Need a delivery at 5am? We'll be there! Overnight unit move? Consider it done.

Reliable equipment

We service more regularly than the manufacturer recommendations.

Last minute hires

Suddenly realised you don't have enough power? No worries, we'll get the generators out ASAP

Off road vehicles

We'll make sure you get everything you need, where you need it. Even in hard to reach locations.

Long run tanks

We won't have to return to fill you up every day

We'll stay with you during shoots

No need to bring different companies on board every time you want to move locations. We'll be there, we run all of our transport requirements in house, no third parties here...

Dedicated contact

Your location manager will only have point of contact in our business who they can go to for any changes or requests

Complete privacy

Don't worry, we won't go broadcasting that we're working with some big names - your secret's safe with us.

on location generator hire

Bespoke Pricing To Suit Your Needs

We understand that the one size fits all approach doesn’t actually suit everyone. You may decide you need our equipment for longer or even want to pair up on some of our rental options. We are happy to deviate from a ‘package’ offer to quote you on delivery, hire and charging fuel after the rental. Sometimes things just need to be done a little differently and we’re happy to work with you on that.

Give us a call to sort something out and find out more about how we can tailor our services to fit your next film or TV project.

20KVA Generators


Denyo Eventa 20kva Ultra Silent Generator




26 hours


32amp 3ph & 3 x 32amp


58dB (A) at 7 meters


4×4 with generator trailer mounted


3m Long x 1m wide x 1.5m high


20 minutes to unhitch &secure. Between 15 minutes and 60 minutes for cabling.

40KVA Generators


Denyo Eventa 37kva Ultra Silent Generator




24 hours


63amp 3ph & 3 x 32amp


58dB (A) at 7 meters


4×4 with generator trailer mounted


3.5m Long x 1.4m wide x 1.8m high


20 minutes to unhitch &secure. Between 30 minutes and 90 minutes for cabling.

Refrigeration For Film & TV Hire

As well as generators, we can provide you with fridge or freezer railers of different sizes to cater to your entire crew and crowd. We know that sometimes it’s easier to get everything sorted in one go – so why not pick up the phone and get a free quote today?

Refrigeration & freezers

Short & long-term rental (from hours to weeks)

No need to tow - we've got you covered from one shoot to the next

Low power draw - 1500w single phase

Our generators can provide the power

Simple, additional, last minute refrigeration space

Are you hosting an event?

We deliver outdoor event equipment straight to your door... or field!
Free Delivery