Summer 2023 Wedding Tips and Advice

The next wedding season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning! If you’re like most couples, you’ll be juggling a lot of tasks and making a lot of decisions in the coming months. From choosing your venue to booking your suppliers, there’s a lot to think about when planning your big wedding day.

We have a few 2023 wedding tips that might help you get everything in order and budget for what can be a pretty stressful and expensive event! We’ll cover everything from hiring equipment to budgeting tips, so read on for all the info you need!

2023 wedding tips

First Things First - The Drinks

Think about the need for cold beers and wine – afterall, no one likes warm drinks…

Oh, and of course, you’re going to need some soft drink options for anyone who doesn’t opt for the alcohol option, as well as mixers for spirits and cocktails. We offer a number of different-sized fridge trailers that give you and your bartenders ample space for chilling drinks.

But, bear in mind, they get booked up quickly. We have a large fleet, but they’re in high demand come late Spring onwards You’ll need to think about booking them now for next Summer. We only ask for a 25% deposit (which is normally less than £90) – giving you the assurance that on the hottest days in summer, you’ll have refrigerated reserved for what is a low upfront cost.

On top of this, Summer is unpredictable and you’re going to need lots of ice on hand to top up those chilled cocktails or soft drinks, keeping your guests as cool as possible.

While we don’t offer this ourselves, we often recommend using Lunar Ice as they can deliver on the morning of the event. Pair this with our freezer storage which is set at 2 degrees and you’ll have plenty of ice cubes available throughout the day (or the whole weekend if you like to keep the party going!)

Don't Underestimate The Power...

One of our top 2023 wedding tips has to be: don’t underestimate the amount of power you will need or the number of sockets required.

It can add up quickly, when you think about everything you’re going to need to set up the whole day. You may require marquee lights, power for the band, DJ, playing music during the ceremony, fridges, bar lights, kitchen ovens, water boilers, hot food cupboards, photo booth, pizza van and any other entertainment you may be running through-out the occasion.

That’s a lot. And that list is not exhausted. The last thing you want is to be short on sockets or physically not have enough power available when and where you need it. But, if you’re thinking of hosting an outdoor wedding in a remote location such as a field, power can be even harder to come by.

We offer two sizes of rental generators – 20kva and 40kva (also refered to by my marquee companies as 37kva). With package prices to cover you for the weekend or even longer, they are fully insured, tested and quality checked prior to your generator hire. 

Not only will they supply you with all the power you could need for the big day, but we know you need utter silence during the ceremony. These are the same generators used by the film industry and so the ultra-silent output is guaranteed. No more unwanted white noise or interruptions mid-vows!

So by getting in touch with our team, not only will you get the quietest generators on the market, but they can run for over 24 hours on one tank and we do all the installation so you don’t have to.

Many companies don’t include cabling, nor it’s install, alongside their rental equipment, but if you want to be set up properly, follow our tips and book with us – it’ll save you time, money and a lot of stress in the long run..

We know you will likely want to shop around, but don’t forget to check if other companies offer a true like to like service. e

Grizzly Bear Events will ensure you have everything you need (plus a little extra) and install everything before we leave.

Then you are ready to hit play and enjoy the rest of your big day. Oh, and it’s all included in the package with us, so there are no hidden costs! 

A mini tip – when you enquire with Grizzly Bear Events, it is always great if you can let us know which marquee company you’re booking with. We have worked with most of them over the years and know how they like their cabling to be installed. It just gives us a good idea of what connections to bring to ensure a quick and seamless set-up!

Fancy A Wedding Sunday Brunch?

If you are looking to host a Sunday brunch the day after your wedding, we can help with that too.

We know how important it is to spend time with your guests and not have to worry about tidying up or taking everything down. It’s a great idea to let us know you’re hosting again on the Sunday. It makes sense as the marquee is already up and infrastructure in place, but we could have your collection scheduled for Sunday morning without knowing.

We don’t charge extra for Sunday use but need to schedule accordingly so letting us know ahead of time will ensure we don’t come to crash the party too early….

Keeping Warm After Sunset

Some 2023 wedding tips that people take for granted is that outdoor weddings are lovely in the daytime but it can get a little chilly come sunset.

teepee heater hire

We have plenty of heaters to help take off that chill. Thermostatically controlled, they ensure you have full control over the temperature and can find the best balance all evening. Plus, we know they can be a bit of an eye sore – but that’s why our team sets everything up and places them strategically outside the marquee, behind the scenes.

You won’t see them and not to mention £195+vat is completely worth it for keeping your guests happy all day!

Save Some Budget For Lighting

Lighting is often an area where people want to make a big impact but don’t want to spend too much. Similarly, it can be forgotten about until it’s too late as you expect the indoor lighting provided to be enough.

However, lighting the tipi venue space is one thing, but we want to create an atmosphere.

Outdoor event lighting

There are some great 2023 wedding tips when it comes to lighting that can help you achieve the look you desire without breaking the bank. Our competitive pricing can go a long way and transform a gorgeous daytime setting into an atmospheric evening delight!

Think purples into the trees, lit walkways to your tent and lighting to guide guests to the bathrooms.

Fairy lights are always a popular choice and can be used in so many ways – around the marquee, in trees, on tables or around walkways. They add a beautiful ambience and can be hired from as little as £1 per meter. For something a little more flashy, our uplighters start at £15 for a simple but effective white floodlight. Remote control colour floodlights are just a little bit more…

It won’t take us long to get them all set up, normally we’ll install your outdoor lighting at the same time as your generator. We can work around your other suppliers too!  Check out some of the creations we’ve come up with in the past:

Don't Hang About!

Summer 2022 flew by! 2023 will be with us in no time and we get booked up extremely quickly. So, in order to avoid disappointment and lock in all the equipment you need, don’t delay enquiring and booking with Grizzly Bear Events. You can also pay any deposits by card for reassurance.

We hope you have found these 2023 wedding tips helpful. If you have any questions or would like a free quotation, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

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