The Best Outdoor Bar Fridges And How They Can Improve Your Next Event

It can be a real pain to keep the champagne, beers and soft drinks chilled over ice when you’re hosting outside. Especially in the summer – you want drinks to stay cold but don’t need the hassle of going back and forth with ice bags and big cold boxes.

Well, we are here to ensure you enjoy every aspect of your next event, with our simple and straighforward to book, outdoor bar fridges. We take a look below at the different ways to approach keeping your drinks chilled, and how our hire options could be the solution for your next outdoor event. 

We have plenty of options for different budgets, venue sizes and number of guests and don’t forget that we always offer free delivery… 

Our fleet of fridge trailers and walk in bar fridges mean you can keep the drinks cold no matter the weather. Even in the height of summer, you won’t need to worry about how quickly the ice melts or running out of space.

Whatever you need, Grizzly Bear Events is contactable 24/7 and we totally understand if you need to postpone your event – we’ll happily reschedule. Let’s take a look at what you could choose for your next event.

outdoor bar fridges
outdoor bar fridges

Buckets or Coolers With Ice

Being honest, they may be one of the cheapest options but do they do the job? 

If you have more than about 10 people over, the chances are you’re going to need more than one of these to hold all of your drinks. Otherwise, you’ll be going back and forth to restock the supply regularly. You may as well just use the indoor fridge!

This method also becomes costly when you’re filling buckets with ice. Buying bags of it in bulk isn’t cheap and it wont last all day out in the sun.

The preparation for using coldboxes or buckets also isn’t the most host-friendly. You’ll have to take all of the drinks out of their boxes and squish them into the coolers. Then, by relying on the ice to keep them cool, your guests will be pulling out soaking wet bottles or cans with the labels falling off! 

Not the most professional look for your next event… 

Similarly, if you don’t already own them, you’ll have to decide if the cost of renting is really worth it. Unlike the service at Grizzly Bear Events – you’ll more than likely have to clean it out when you’re finished too and return back to the hirer! So why not just rent one of our outdoor bar fridges instead…

Bottle Undercounter Fridges

These can be a cool addition to your home if you’re hosting from your garden. They can also be convenient for other venues as a space saver that still allows you to chill your drinks for guests without having to walk too far to get them. 

However, they’re not very large and tend to only hold around 6 cases of beer. If you have 120 guests that wouldn’t even be enough for one each! Is it really worth it for the effort of opening up cases, restocking and then the added costs of rental at around £75 + VAT? (FYI – we don’t own or rent any of these) 

outdoor bar fridges

The other downsides are the fact you need to make sure there are enough outlets nearby to power them. When our chillers start at £250 + VAT and are capable of holding all your drinks plus appetisers, cake and anything else you need to keep cool – it’s really a no brainer in our eyes! 

With all-inclusive pricing, walk-in access and fitted shelving, it would be mad not to give us a call today!

Newly Launched! Walk In Coldrooms

Not convinced you’ll find anything large enough to cater for your event? How about our 4.8m x 2.4m walk-in cold room? They really take outdoor bar fridges to the next level…most suited to large events, festivals and catering companies. Keep reading further down for smaller options.

With ground-level access and being completely weatherproof, they are perfect for long term fridge hire or mass drinks storage. Even beer kegs can be stored this way. And with the metal flooring and walk-in convenience, you don’t need to worry about damage to the cooler or your back!

This rented walk-in cold storage provides a high-quality insulated shell that can be configured in any number of combinations to suit your needs. So if you’re looking for something to cater for a larger event – this could be the way forward!

Fridge Trailers

With the covid pandemic having hit the events industry hard – our chiller trailers were not being put to as much use as we’d have hoped. With events, parties and pretty much everything else cancelled – they just weren’t needed for weddings or large events! This does mean, however, that they’re still almost brand new.

Only being a few seasons old, they’re just as shiny and white as the day we got them. For future uses though, you’ll never have to worry about keeping them that way because we’ll do it all for you! A quick set up and cleaning is all part of the all inclusive package pricing. 

You’ll just need one power socket to keep our outdoor bar fridges and trailers running. Not only that, starting at just £225+vat, they’re relatively cheap to rent compared to hiring several fridges, buying ice and having tonnes of loose stock left over.

Internal sizes start at 2m going all the way up to our extra large 4m models. 

outdoor bar fridges

Just imagine this…

A perfectly organised and neatly stacked trailer. Everything is so easy to get to and you can see the labels of each different bottle, box and beer keg. 

You can utilise the shelves to your preference. With beer on one side, wine on the other and plenty of walk-in space for manouvering around – it gives you the most practical result.

You don’t need to worry about re-stocking or bending down to retrieve a can from melting ice. It’s much more professional and manageable for everyone involved.

You’ll even have the option of returning unopened, unused stock. So even though you might want to enjoy a few bottles of wine after your event – we don’t want you to lose money on expensive bottles of champagne or hundred of loose bottles of beer.

And don’t forget – free delivery!

What About Even Larger Events Like Festivals?

The idea of our outdoor bar fridges and trailers is to keep your drinks cold on mass. So if you’re throwing a festival-style event, going through drinks by the case – why not chill it by the case and rotate stock?

It makes life so much easier and ensures you have plenty of cold beverages for every guest. It also reduces extra costs like ice which can mount up on top of the drinks themselves. As a result – you’ll be increasing your profit margin and be looking to do it every year!

outdoor bar fridges

We also know that security can be an issue at large outdoor festivals and so offer secure, lockable storage. This reduces the need for overnight security and allows you to keep all the stock in one place, rather than moving it from one to another. 

But if we haven’t sold you on it yet…

No matter the size of your next event...

When you’re pouring pints on mass  – kegs become an ideal solution. However, event companies find often come aross the issue of keeping kegs cool, before the drink is pulled through the beer lines and to the taps. 

Grizzly Bear Events have just the solution. We offer ‘python holes’ in a number of our chillers so you can keep the kegs cool inside all the time. This way, you can maintain a chilled 4 degree beer keg and keep guests coming back for more…

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