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The most popular trends of 2022: summer edition 

The summer of 2022 saw a massive increase in outdoor events with so many trends becoming popular across the country. In this blog we will talk about some of these trends, why they are popular and if we think they will stick around in 2023. Lets hope so! 

Tents galore!

In 2022, people were buying and using multiple tents to create memorable summer events. 

A great example of this was our first wedding of 2022 near Petworth, where they had a stretch tent (from Great British Stretch Tents) and a seperate clear span marquee for the dining and dancing (from Greenhill Marquees). This also allowed for a chill out space away from the dancing later in the evening an maximised the gorgeous venue areas. 

There are a number of ways you could use any type of tent – if it’s tipis why not have a dance tent hidden for later in the evening elsewhere at the venue, add a second smaller tipi with a firepit inside for guests to enjoy remising and giving a place to socialise. 

We often see clients now also adding in a games bell tent for childen to play and keep themselves occupied whilst the speeches are taking place. 

summer event trends

Will tipis and temporary wedding venues still be a popular trend next year?

One hundred percent, yes! This is a trend that will never go away due to how many people use them for festivals, concerts and summer soirees. We build the business many years back when it was new to the market but people love the idea of making the space theirs and unique with their own wedding decoration ideas! 

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Staying at home is the best new wedding venue in town!

A popular trend that came about due to the lockdown is people making use of their friend’s or family members’ gardens. This is a great way to keep costs down as you will not have to pay for land rental as you are essentially making use of free space – saving some space in the budget to splash out! 

Hosting at home is an amazing way to get everyone together in a space many people may already know. This could be for any occasion – this year alone we’ve supplied equipment for 21st parties, bar mitzvahs, wedding anniversaries & not forgetting the late Queen’s Jubilee. 

With so many different type of venue options available we whole heartedly believe that DIY and stay at home weddings will remain popular for years to come. It’s worth noting that Grizzly Bear Events understand that often a wedding at a private residence isn’t as straight-forward and a field and site visits or time to discuss access and equipment positioning is key to a successful event.

Top ten reasons to use us:

You may have seen our equipment at one of your friends’ events and thought to yourself that that would be perfect for your own event. But what sets us apart from the competition? Well, here are ten reasons:

Sunday mornings are for breakfast brunches

Sundays have become the best day for meeting up with people to reminisce and have breakfast together, before guests head off back to their home towns. 

There is something about inviting friends you rarely see over for a Sunday morning feast where you can relax, catch up and enjoy each other’s company for one final time. Now a days we all lead such busy lives, why not give people a reason to all gather one last time. It may be the last for a while! 

In the last year, Grizzly Bear Events have been asked on more occasions than any previous year to leave the generator on site until later on Sunday so that the caterer can use the ovens and keep the marquee lighting on – we’re completely fine with this taking place. Just let us know when you book and we’ll adjust our equipment collections accordingly…

A breakfast/lunch ‘brunch’ is a hugely popular trend and we anticipate it will continue to be for years to come! As we know it is popular in restaurants across the UK and a great way to see friends and family. 

Lighting budgets growing...

With the cost of living going up, people’s budgets are going down, except for in the outdoor lighting department. 

People want to create an atmosphere outside without it costing an arm and a leg and we have a variety of options to suit. 

If you are looking to book lighting equipment you will need to make sure you get in there quickly as our equipment is being reserved earlier than ever before for summer 2024! 

With instagram (check out ours here by the way) showcasing friends, family and other people’s outdoor wedding we’re finding more and people come to us with images from previous events or asking for us to recreate certain outdoor wedding lighting effects. 

We’re all about the festoon walkway, colour uplighting, fairy lights and other creative ideas! 

outdoor event

The most important thing: food!

Catering is important for any event and the most popular trend for them at the moment is informal menus. Sharing boards, meat platters for mains and dessert stations are being enjoyed on events on a weekly basis! 

Is your event a whole day occasion or just for the evening? For a whole day you may bring in a specialist wedding caterer, or perhaps you’re keen to keep things informal with a street food vendor? The choice is completely yours, and that’s what makes outdoor events so unique.  Don’t forget to hire a cooling unit to keep the drinks cold until you are ready to service your guests! 

No one wants to be cold at a party

The temperature and time of year play a massive part in when people book their events. 

With peak dates being booked further in advance than ever before we’re seeing couples booking weddings into September and October. Whatever your style, be it in a marquees, tipis or stretch tents you’ll likely want to embrace the outdoors but keep everyone cosy inside too.

Grizzly Bear Events are seeing clients booking in heating much easier than before. It’s no longer an after-thought. 

Sing your heart out like no one can hear you!

Of course, we are talking about hosting a silent disco! 

There is no need to stop the party at midnight when you can just get everyone to put some headphones on and keep the dancefloor going. This way your neighbours cannot complain, everyone gets to enjoy themselves for longer and it is a fun, unique way to see the night out. 

This trend has been getting more and more popular over the years and we can see it sticking around for quite some time! We can recommend a few companies across the region, plus it’s not as expensive as you may think! 

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Get fired up!

There is a huge demand for manned fire pits recently. 

Rather than having your own where you would have to source logs and allocate someone to keep it well stocked, people are seeing more value in having companies like ours send one of our team members to their event to keep the fire going and make sure everything is safe.

The demand for these manned fire pits has increased for corporate bookings as well. 

They find them to be good for team-building events and evening networking sessions. They give people somewhere to go and socialise after dinner rather than just heading straight to the bar or ending the night early. 

These fire pits are amazing for having s’mores and conversations around the fire which gives it that nostalgic feeling of camping (if you have ever done that before, if not it’s a new experience).

This is another trend that is not likely to go anywhere soon as too many people love having a fire at their events.

Get In Touch Today!

You will definitely see the value in hiring our outdoor event equipment, especially for an important event such as a wedding or milestone party 

For an event like that our biggest tip is to plan ahead and don’t underestimate the space you’ll need for refrigeration to keep drinks, food and ice cool. 

The whole Grizzly Bear Events team wants you to have everything you need to make your event run as smoothly as possible.

So if you have an event coming up and would like to know more about what equipment we supply, get in touch with us today! 

We hope you enjoyed reading about the most popular event trends of this year.

Hopefully, it has given you some inspiration for your own parties and events. If you would like to read more from us click here.

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