Why You Should Use Our Hailsham Events Coordination Services To Ease The Strain

Whether you are organizing a wedding, birthday or garden party, keep peace of mind in knowing that your event is under control by using our Hailsham events coordination services. 

Organising events can be very stressful. When the big day comes you don’t want to be panicing and still checking everything is as you want it to be – why not use our on the day service to take the strain away and offer you peace of mind that everything is in order?

This article will guide you through all the ways our coordination services can benefit you for all your event coordination needs, across East Sussex. We don’t just cover weddings and parties. We can help to co-ordinate event equipment rentals for florists, butchers or commerical fridge repair companies and handle last minute break downs.  


Getting yourself prepared for the big day can be exhausting as there is a great deal of planning involved and we know you want everything to be perfect. Grizzly Bear Events can support you in ensuring you have all the equipment you need – whether you are getting married outside, in the woodlands, in a marquee or even by the coast. Regardless of your chosen location, we can provide you with everything you require. 

We can provide you with a whole range of equipment including ultra silent generators, refrigerated chiller trailers, festoon lighting and marquee style heaters. 

Lastly, our on the day events coordination services can assist you in taking the stress away from your big day. This’ll allow you to enjoy it the way you always dreamed of.

Birthday Events

Whether you’re celebrating a child’s first birthday or even an 18th, 30th, 40th or 50th birthday we can help you. May it be for a simple small gathering or a huge birthday bash, our Hailsham Events Management Services can help you ease the strain of event delivery. 

We can provide you with power, chiller trailers for all your food and drink storage, heaters and even LED festoon lighting. We deliver for free across the majority of the South East and can even help coordinate the event on the day. Our base is in Horsham, West Sussex – however we regularly work in Hailsham, Uckfield and the Upper / Lower Dicker regions. 

Garden Parties

When hosting a garden party, there is a long list of things that you may need to consider (catering, marquee, DJ, lighting, heating etc) and you will require the right equipment. We can facilitate working with you to understand your needs and deliver to you on time to ensure that your party is one to remember. 

In order to cater to all your food needs, you may need to consider whether you have enough fridge space. If you’re DIY catering you make need temporary fridge space for food platters and drinks. Our fridge trailers fit on driveways and provide an additional temporary walk-in cold room. 

Our 20kva generators can supply power for your marquee, sound system, fridge, band or DJ. We can also work behind the scenes coordinating your event to ensure a smooth operation. 


No matter whether you are hosting a festival wedding in your garden or running a food trailer at a popular festival, we are able to provide you with the equipment you need. We can supply you with a refrigerated fridge or freezer trailer for the storage of food and drinks. We also can provide ultra-silent generators and festoon lighting.

Event Equipment

Here at Grizzly Bear Events, we understand from experience that there are a number of things that are usually overlooked for outdoor events: 


Generators are a must-have for any outdoor event that you organize. That being said, hiring a generator is not actually as complicated as you might think. We can help you in recommending the best-sized generator depending on your needs. We also include cabling, fuel and delivery. to East Sussex.  Our equipment is also insured and securely locked on site.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. The rates include the generator, cabling, insurance and the initial 20 hours of fuel. For example a 20kva generator is £495+vat all inclusive of the above.

Our 20kva and 40kva ultra-silent generators are well recognised for being quiet, easy to use and reliable. On one full tank, they can run for over 24 hours.

Our generators are all fully insured, quality checked and tested prior to every event they are used and we can install the cabling for you where-ever you need the plug sockets. 


Having the right space to store all your food and drinks is a must whether you are hosting an outdoor wedding, party, large corporate event or festival. We aim to give you plenty of time to load it up giving you peace of mind that everything will be set up for the day. With fridge ample space, you will be able to ensure your drinks are kept cool even in the hottest summer months. 

Our fridge and freezer trailers are fitted with shelves for both walls, step access and a lockable door. They also have internal lighting and come with connecting cabling to a household or alternatively our generator supply.  To give you assurance on the quaility, we regularly worked with farm shops, butchers, Christmas turkey suppliers and even florists and for seasonal chilled storage solutions. 

If you need storage for your pre-prepared food and plated dishes or somewhere to keep wedding reception drinks cold before serving, then we are here to help.  

Areas We Cover In East Sussex

We can provide our services for events all over the county and beyond, including:


Upper Dicker







East Sussex Wedding Power
Fire Place Chiller


For any event you hold outside the months of May to August, the marquee heaters we provide will be able to lessen the chill of the cold evenings when the sunsets. Ideal for use in a barn, pagoda, tipi or gazebo. 

Turn the thermostat up a notch, and you will be able to feel warmth across the entire space of the marquee within a couple of minutes. With our event heaters the fuel, ducting and cabling are all included. 

Our heaters are cleaned and fully tested before each rental.  We also go above and beyond manufacturers recommendations on service intervals.  


As darkness sets over your event, you’ll want be able to ensure that guests can see their way back to their taxis or glamping bell tents with the use of a festoon lighting walkway. This will help bring a lovely atmosphere to your event, providing ambience in the dark. 

Festoons are a festival wedding must, providing ambience outside and guiding guests around the venue. Fairy lights, which we can also provide, are also fantastic to use over outdoor walkways and dance floors or to make out features in the land like lakes and grass banks. 

Also if you are looking for some colour to add to a blank canvas space, our indoor LED uplighters have a wide range of colour options for you to choose from.

Why Choose Us? 

One reason you should consider our Hailsham events coordination services is that we are always upfront and honest with our clients. All our prices quotes are the totals, with no suprises to add:

  • Free delivery and collection within 50 miles of our base.
  • Fees for fuel and cabling are included.
  • Complimentary shelving in our refrigerated trailers which are cleaned after as well. 
  • Delivery and collection times that are suitable to your requirements. 

We only rent for events, associated catering industries and hospitality. Our equipment has never been on any building site and our equipment such as chillers, generators and heaters are all industry designed. 

To bring you further peace of mind, we own and can supply backup generators which you can rely on if the worst were to happen. 

We are also available to be contacted 24/7 and have over12 years  experience in the industry meaning that we are prepared for whatever breakdowns or unexpected situations may arise. Our installation team is friendly and helpful meaning you are in good hands with the organisation of your event. Where-ever you are in East Sussex we’ll find your venue and deliver with a friendly manner.

Emergency Breakdowns

Across Sussex can also offer temporary refrigerator space in cases of emergency. Also, if your cold room has stopped working due to the power to the room ceasing, we can provide a backup generator to get you up and running.

Our fridges and freezers are trailer mounted for easy and quick delivery and can dispatch a team member to you on the same day, if required, within hours.  The chiller we provide is delivered with shelving. By connecting them to a 13 amp socket, they can cool down in as little as 20 minutes. Our hiring prices start from £225 plus VAT for our smallest of models. 

Whether you are a farm shop, food and drink manufacturer or wedding caterer, festival stallholder, butcher, baker or florist, we are there to serve all your outdoor equipment needs. We can provide all the support you need even if you have had a cold room fridge breakdown or a refrigerator emergency. No matter what service you provide, get in touch today. 

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